Some Important Information About Matching Blood Group for Blood Donor and Recipient


Blood is an important part of human body. Life depends on it, and in case of emergency people have to face many problems to get the matching blood group or sometime while donating they did not know correct information about this. So I want to give you important facts about Blood group. Hope it will be helpful for the people who do not know much about matching blood group.Matching-Blood-Group-a

Important Facts About Your Blood Group:

1- O negative blood group People are universal donor but unluckily they can only receive O negative blood.

2- AB positive Blood group peoples are luckiest that they can get any type of Blood.

Being a blood donor and recipient below table and information will help to donate blood in case of emergency.

Is the second most common blood group and can be given A+ and AB+ patients. Patients who are type A+ can receive from A+, A-, O+  and O- blood type.

Blood can be given to patients with A-, A+, AB+ and AB- blood type group and type A- patients can receive A- and O- blood.
Can be given to any B+, or AB+ patient. All people who are type B+ can receive blood from donors with B+, B-, O+ and O- blood type.
Blood can be given to patients with B-, B+, AB+, and AB- blood group type. People who are B- can only receive B- and O- blood.
Are the universal recipient and can be receive any other blood type. AB+ red cells can go only to AB+ patients, so AB+ is an universal plasma donor.
Is the rarest blood type and can be given to AB- and AB+ blood types.  AB- is also the universal blood type for plasma. People who are AB- can receive AB-, O-, A- and B- blood.
Is the most common blood type group and can be given to patients O+, A+ and AB+ blood type. Patients who are type O+ receive both O+ and O- blood.
Is the universal donor blood group and can be used by patients of any blood type. Simply people who are type O- can only receive O- blood.