Some Important Facts And Useful Information About Compact Discs

It is true that Compact discs are miracles of modern technology. They provide hours of entertainment and hold huge amounts of digital information and all on a disc that is only one millimeter thickness. Compact discs were invented in 1980 by a joint task-force of engineers from Philips and Sony Electrical Companies.

Types of Compact DiscsSome Important Facts about Compact Discs

There are two types of Compact Discs are available on the market.
1- CD, DVD-R “CD, DVD – Recordable” cannot be erased or modified in any way once it is recorded.

2- CD, DVD-RW “CD, DVD – ReWritable” are same capacity as a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. CD, DVD-RW disks can be erased and re-recorded just like a floppy or hard disk.

CDS are read by a CD players red light laser beam hitting the tiny pits and bumps on a CD’s surface. They play from the centre to the edge. The shelf-life of a CD is about 100 years. CDs rotate at a speed of 400 times a minute at the beginning.