Six Easy Recipes to Get Rid of Itching or Scabies

Scabies are very common and very large bacterial disease. It is transmitted directly to the skin from a skin, such as shaking hands or hugging. The itching is caused by sharing towels and clothes with someone else. They may have a higher risk of the disease. Early signs of infection appear in 3 to 6 weeks of getting the disease. Scratching can make non-treated bacterial wound.

Itching is a problem which is hard to resist it. It cannot do anything except medicine can bring quick relief from the scratch. But it is not long-lasting comfort, they are starting to grow more skin problems than scratch the itch. In fact, the itching is a body’s defense mechanism, who played the role of resistance of Itching, but they made a habit if itching that can cause so many problems.

Here we are going to tell some household tips to avoid a rash or itching.Itching ingredients

1- Coconut oil:
Dry skin and itching, coconut oil produced the best treatment in case of an insect bite. According to experts, Any cause itching, coconut oil plays an important role in overcoming it. Cause of itching in the affected area, massage coconut oil on the whole body.

2- Petroleum jelly:
If your skin is very sensitive, the best cure hidden in petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is not made from harmful chemicals, but completely natural, which compiled its positive effects on the skin easily. The use of petroleum jelly will not only protect you from scratching your skin, but it will be shiny and beautiful.

3- Lemon:
Vitamin C and bleaching properties of lemon is the best cure, its scruffy skin. Lemon juice stops quickly with sensitivity to itching.

4- Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Powder):
To treat the affected part due to the itching, put the three parts of Sodium Bicarbonate and one part of water in a cup, take mix thoroughly, then apply this paste on the affected part will receive immediate results.

5- Basil (Tulsi Leaves):
Basil leaves are full of components like Thymol and Eugenol, which may end up not only the sense of irritation and itching. Wash the basil leaves for treatment and then rubbing them directly on the affected part.

6- Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is the best cure for itchy material. Cut the leaves from the Aloe Vera plant with the help of a knife, then strain the liquid inside the leaf, which is in the form of a gel. It is set directly on the affected area can be achieved long-lasting relief from itching.