Seven Common Reasons of Your Sugar Boosting

Reasons of Sugar Boosting

Diabetes is a disease that could pose. If it is currently impossible to get rid of. The victims can keep it under control in certain foods or habits. However, if you suffer from diabetes, and check on a daily basis your blood sugar level, or are concerned to maintain healthy levels. So it is important to be aware of these unexpected elements that you the increase can be a normal blood sugar level.Reasons of Sugar Boosting

1- Not taking Breakfast:

People suffering from obesity who do not eat breakfast. After lunch in their insulin and blood sugar levels are increased. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, published frequently in people who do not eat breakfast. According to a study on the risk of diabetes by 21 percent. Noted the study, the first diet helps maintain stable throughout the day. Especially protein and healthy fat-rich diet blood sugar levels.

2- Use of Fat:

People with diabetes should avoid the use of fat in your diet. In Journal of Nutrition, according to a study published in 2011 may increase to 32 percent in blood sugar levels resulting from the use of fat-rich diet. According to the research. The full elimination of fat affects the blood travels through the body. The ability to clean the blood sugar is affected.

3- Artificial Sweeteners:

If you leave the sugar after suffering diabetes prefer artificial sweeteners. As noted in one study, that has a negative impact on the health of artificial sweeteners. As noted in the study, so that artificial sweeteners may increase blood sugar levels. In fact, this kind of sweetness does not baffle the bacteria found in the stomach. As a result, they do not work in the body to process glucose. The researchers said that people who are afraid of diabetes generally prefer cold drinks except for diet drinks, they should avoid it.[adsense]

4- Coffee:

According to recent research reports substantial use avoids the risk of diabetes type II. But those who have already fallen prey to the disease could prove harmful to their caffeine. According to the US National Institute of Diabetes do not use it enough , but its use requires more care, because it can increase the level of blood sugar, use the black coffee without milk and sugar.

5- Infection:

Now, the flu or another type of infection, the body’s immune system in a situation that is emitted from a special chemical to fight germs. Who can out of control your blood sugar level. In fact, it is a type of disease that increases physical defense. But the effect seems to make more glucose to increase the body’s physical energy that happens. Which in turn begins to hamper insulin. That is a dramatic increase in the disease in the physical blood sugar levels so that people with diabetes need special assistance in situations of food and drink.

6- Sleeplessness:

A good night’s rest is the best medicine, especially if you suffer from diabetes. However, one type of diabetes, according to a Dutch study found that people who take sleeping only four hours a night are insulin sensitivity is reduced to 20 percent. Physical stress increases as a result of insufficient sleep in simple words is significantly increased, resulting in blood sugar levels.

7- Smoking:

I used to not smoking for a good health, but smoking is particularly dangerous for people who suffer from diabetes. Contain more nicotine human blood, according to the California State University research. So the blood sugar rises and the increase in the level may lead to diabetes complications, such as heart attack, stroke and kidney failure etc.