Sergey Tokarev About Free Training from Berkeley for Women in Science

Sergey Tokarev and SET University announce the launch of a unique three-day training course Leading confidently in the world of artificial intelligence for Ukrainian women. This free training is designed to provide participants with the confident skills and knowledge they need to be successful AI leaders. The training will take place offline in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and will begin on August 30.

According to Sergey Tokarev, the Fisher Center for Business Intelligence, part of the prestigious University of California at Berkeley, organizes the training. This center is a leading scientific and educational institution in business intelligence, making the training especially valuable and of high quality.

An important statement about this initiative appeared on the Facebook page of Sergey Tokarev, founder of Roosh and SET University. In his message, he emphasizes that he is aware of the dominant presence of men in the technological field and intends to change this trend actively. Providing quality education and motivation to women is one way to increase female participation in the industry. The training will provide participants with the latest advances in data processing and the active use of artificial intelligence in the professional activities of women professionals.

This initiative provides a unique opportunity for women to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of artificial intelligence, which contributes to a more diverse and inclusive technology environment.

According to Sergey Tokarev, the Berkeley Alliance for Inclusive AI program aims to create equal opportunities for everyone who wants to develop in the field of artificial intelligence, regardless of gender, nationality, or social status. Providing this course is an important step in achieving this mission, as it offers Ukrainian participants access to up-to-date knowledge and practical skills that are necessary for successful work in the modern field of technology.

The main focus of the course is to enable participants to master advanced methods of data analysis and the use of artificial intelligence in various fields. The training will be designed in such a way that participants become confident in operating modern technologies and be able to adapt to the rapidly changing requirements of the AI field.

According to SET University, the first Confident Leadership in the World of Artificial Intelligence workshop was the result of a successful partnership with the Fisher Center for Business Intelligence. According to Sergey Tokarev, this seminar only opens the door for the future of several other seminars and a long-term program aimed at innovation and entrepreneurship.

The founder of the Technological University, Sergey Tokarev announces more news. SET University introduces two new master’s programs that sound particularly appealing: Cyber Defense and Computer Science and Innovative Engineering. These programs offer an interesting opportunity for start-ups to participate in master’s theses, which can significantly enrich their experience and development. In addition, this approach of cooperation with a university accelerator can contribute to the more successful development of startups.

SET University varies its educational approach, combining modern educational methods with an emphasis on technological progress and entrepreneurial thinking. It is interesting to note that from the very beginning, armed with enthusiasm and determination, the SET team made every effort to ensure that up-to-date education in the field of information technology is accessible to every resident of Ukraine.

In addition, SET University supports start-ups and provides humanitarian assistance, which makes it a significant player in the field of education and innovation in the country.