Room Divider Ideas: 7 Ways To Bring Structure Into Your Home

If your room lacks character or you want to divide space for privacy, room dividers are the perfect solution. Not only do room dividers suit a vast array of styles and aesthetics, room dividers don’t have to be restricted to one room in your home – they can be used all around your house! And if you lack inspiration and simply don’t know how to style a room divider, we’ve got some great ideas that’ll spruce up any room. Check out our top seven ways to use room dividers:

One-sheet or framed art as room divider? You betcha! Art makes an easy room divider as it’s stylish and provides instant beauty and structure (not mention privacy!)

As much as we’d love to have a room for everything in our homes, it’s just not feasible. We all need storage space and room dividers are an awesome way to achieve this without compromising on style or aesthetics. They can divide up your room so you can have different sections for different things without making the room look cluttered!

Best room divider ideas

1. Use room dividers to separate space equally

You want the room divider to divide the room up equally; otherwise, it’ll look weird! It’s best if you can use items that are equal in room height or length. You should also try and avoid using room dividers that have doorways on them as there could be one section with more stuff than the others, which will make it look uneven.

2. Get creative! But don’t go too crazy…

Once again, you want all sections of the room to have an equal amount of balance so choose your room divider wisely. You should also try not to use too many different materials for each section e.g. metal room divider, wood room divider, and potted plants room divider.

3. Think about the room height

Before you get started on making room dividers, it’s always best to measure the room so you know how much space each section has got. If one section is smaller than another, consider using room dividers that are taller in that area so everything matches up!

Now let’s have a look at some cool ideas for room dividers…

4. Cable drums

These cable drums are awesome because they’re multi-purpose – not only can they be used as a room divider, but you can also store things inside them or use them as an accessory stand. The great thing about these ones is that they’re very cheap to buy if you don’t want to do it yourself, but if you like a project then give it a go! You can either measure them against the room or lay them flat and put some wood over the top before screwing it down. Once done, sand down any sharp edges and paint away – boom! Room divider.

5. Filled cabinets

These filled cabinets make fantastic room dividers because of their room height and room width (depending on what angle they’re viewed from). They look great with plants in too which is always a bonus for me because I’d rather have live plants than dead ones…

6. Bookcase room divider

Bookcases are great room dividers because they add that room height that room dividers need. If you’re using room dividers to section the room equally, then I’d recommend one room divider per every two sections – this is because it won’t look as odd if you have room dividers coming out of your ears!

7. Potted plants room divider

This isn’t necessarily a room divider, but it divides up space perfectly and looks very natural (especially for an office). It doesn’t really give any privacy though so it’s more suited for small areas where people aren’t going to be sitting or standing next to it all the time. It also takes up half the room which is great if you’ve got a large living area!

I hope these ideas helped you come up with some room divider ideas for your own home. If you liked this article, be sure to share it on social media and if you have room dividers of your own, be sure to send in a photo!


Room dividers are a great way to separate space without compromising room height or room width. They can also be used as room accessories too! Here are 7 room divider ideas that you could try at home!