Review: Deleted Audio Recording Recovery App

Deleted Audio Recording Recovery App

Data is important, whether it is in audio, video, text or in image format. Some time important and memorable moments record in the form of video, audio or in jpg (picture) format. Occasionally it happens that we lost our data via virus, attack or any other non-spontaneous action. In this case, we start looking or trying to find a way through which we can recover or retrieve our lost data. If this happened with you and you are continuously trying to recover your data then don’t worry you are in the right place.Deleted Audio Recording Recovery App

Here, I am introducing you a fantastic audio recovery app. This app will recover all audio data up to 30 GB just making a few clicks. There are thousands of recovery applications are available in the market. Some applications will allow you to recover only a limited amount of data in the few MB. which will not fulfill your requirement but this recovery application provides you a huge room to recover your audio data.

Occasionally it happened that we unintentionally deleted an audio file. Now we are continuously asking a question from our self that ‘How can I recover my lost data? Stop asking such type of question from yourself and visit this outstanding recovery application Deleted Audio Recording Recovery Lite Deleted Audio Recording Recovery Lite. It is an android app that will solve your problem within minutes after installation.

Deleted audio recording recovery lite app will recover your data without root which makes it so different from all other apps. This audio recovery app will restore audio or recover all audio files that are deleted without root. This app allows you to take a backup of all deleted audio files and restore audio from the backup in case if you delete.

This recovery app will not show you the detail of all existing audio files. It will scan and show the backup of only deleting files. This feature makes this app unique as it is easy to use and it is also time-saving. You can restore or recover audio files. The main feature of this app is you have no need to root your device.[adsense]

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Recover deleted audio files
  • Backup audio to a separate folder
  • Quick installing
  • Auto backup
  • Show storage usage

Why you choose us

There are thousands of recovery applications available in the market which provide you the same functionality but as we already discuss these apps allow you to recover only a limited volume of data. Here, we allow you to recover your lost data up to 30 GB at a time. If your data is more than 30 GB then don’t worry you can recover the remaining data after recovering first 30 GB. Just mark/select such files that are needed to recover. Your recover data will only remain in your disk it will be secure and save in a separate folder. Your data is safe with this app easily backup and restore audio in your phone. This audio recovery app will check the root of deleted audio and then recover this audio.

This app may show some audios even if they are not deleted yet. This is not a recycle bin, it a standalone Android app that can recover audio files even ones that have been deleted before the app was installed. if you accidentally delete or your data then what are you waiting for just click on the above link and enjoy this fantastic recover app.