Popularity of VPNs, why are They So Popular?


VPNs are used widely now by everyone from the tech-savvy to those completely new to surfing the web. By hiding your IP and routing it through a remote server location, it allows for more private and secure browsing on the web. This gives you peace of mind that people are not able to compromise your data or network and that what you do online stays private to you.

Because of the sensitive nature of some data, there are some critical things you will require from any VPN that you pay for. Free VPNS, are free for a reason often allowing data to be stored and sold on to raise revenue that way. So, avoid those at all costs, it’s no longer very expensive to pay for a decent VPN provider like diebestenvpn. The following article details some of the vital characteristics of a good VPN protocol that you will need to have in your checklist.

This will give you a way to encrypt or hide the source, e.g. your online activity, banking passwords and email or messages

Security and Main Requirements of a VPN.

The first 2 characteristics are the norm with most VPN providers, but the latter 2 are often overlooked but are no less important.

  • Data integrity: the VPN ensures that the message contents are what is sent and has not been altered when being transmitted from source to destination.
  • Data confidentiality: the VPN must protect the contents of the message from spying and unauthorized sources.
  • Message authentication: means the data packet is authenticated as being sent from a valid source to an authentic destination.
  • Sender non-repudiation: means the sender cannot falsely deny sending the message to the receiver.

Public Wifi and is very convenient and has become an integral part of a modern economy to allow people to stay connected when on the move. In fact, Starbucks grew its stores on the back of providing free internet for anyone who ordered a coffee.  But the problems are with vulnerability to data breaches and risks associated with identity theft and phishing scams. Then there is the very real risk of getting viruses, not coronavirus but software viruses infected your machine. So, having a secure VPN will help protect you and your personal information from such dangers.

Safeguarding your Online Activity.

The VPN software routes you through a shared or dedicated server located somewhere in its server centers around the world. The server on some VPNs can even be chosen by country or city so, you can pick the city you want your IP to show from. This may be essential for Geo dependent activities, e.g. logging into Amazon.com when you are not in the US. But also, it helps hide the data and activity you leave as a footprint when browsing the internet. That way, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot collect your data and use it for nefarious things.[adsense]

Clearly you want to hide your passwords, email, software logins and banking information but simpler things like your browsing history. The news site you visit, the shopping you do online, the holidays that you browse or even book. Do you want that information and behavior getting into the hands of marketers to target you based on that activity? If you don’t mind then leave your cookies undeleted, show your history to all the apps and extensions you have on your phone and PC but don’t be frustrated by all the “stalking” ads and pop ups that then follow you around and clog up your web pages.