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Having just some uncertain ideas and a logo of your company is not enough to say that it is a brand strategy. To succeed one should have a written plan in details to gain results and understand what should be taken. Under mentioned three questions each brand should ask itself before planning any activity:Polus Media

  1. Who are your clients?
  2. What is the message of your brand?
  3. How do you understand “success” in long-term perspective for your brand?

Answering these questions, this initial step, will help you to define your goals, needs of your clients, methods of talking to them and the tools you will use to estimate your success.

There is no one and only definition of brand strategy but generally it covers the following aspects:

  • meaning of your brand;
  • its promises;
  • type of personality your brand broadcasts.

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These moments are hardly track able, but, nevertheless, very important. It becomes more evident when we start talking about brand’s mood. If we talk about big companies it is an often case to invite two different teams to develop each side of the brand, we don’t know why, but they do not often meet together and we may have contradicting results at the end.[adsense]

In some sense, one can say that brand strategy is relying on your intuition. We could add that it should be based on some data as well. Slogan of Rolex describes the situation most of all: it doesn’t tell time, it tells history.

There is some history, brand developing in the video. Think what you can show in terms of: then and now.

To discuss this example more, you may notice that there is a certain message from this brand. This part is very important to call correct motivation from your customers.

Only after understanding the strategy of your brand you can make any marketing activities. However, we recommend waiting for a while and study your target audience. Here we mean to catch who your audience actually is. To draw a portrait of your customer you should include such factors like demography, marital status, type of work, where they go shopping, where they get news, which skills are necessary for work etc.

After coming to conclusion, you should think where these people mess around. We mean using online and offline areas. Sometimes, different location implies different means of communication.

Of course, there is nothing better than to check what your competitors do. And here it is important not to copy them, but to show that you are different and why it is beneficial for your customers.

Reasons why some brands may fail

  • No seeing for long-term perspectives;
  • Lack of work on brad’s uniqueness and its message;
  • Lack of understanding the perfect clients;
  • Incoherence in creativity;
  • Obsolete methods or calls to such markets.

All the things we discussed are so simple, but mystically so difficult. Anyway, the best thing you can do before working on your brand is thinking and analyzing and only after it some actions can be taken.