NEC facial recognition deployed for tests to assure people’s safety at matches in Japan

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Japanese authorities are carrying out biometrics-based tests do know the possibility of increasing the number of spectators those at sports events without exposing them to the coronavirus. This is, of course, very important.

The first tests were conducted for 3 days beginning Friday the 30th of October in Yokohama, at the baseball stadium, which hosted 2 games during the weekend with the number of people raised to 80% of capacity for the purpose of testing.

This experiment was mostly to explore ways by which the coronavirus spreads and if it can be checked at sports venues as the authorities look to relax the already existing restrictions against the pandemic and raise the spectator limit above the current 50%, which would be better for everyone.

These tests are being lead at a time when Japan has reported a spike in the number of cases, with the positive ones now totaling over than 100,000.

Poorly-ventilated and also tight environments are said to be a breeding ground to spread the virus, the experiment also checked the ventilation at the stadium using carbon dioxide analyzes plus anemometers, and location and flow of people around train stations and entertainment areas was completely monitored by cell phone locations.

This experiment also took a look at the flow of persons in the stadium, which is roofless, and the percentage of those who were wearing masks, by using NEC Corp’s facial recognition technology, by using 13 high-precision cameras put all over the stands.

NEC will also provide biometric technology for entry and mostly likely Covid-19 contact tracing at the upcoming Tokyo Olympic plus the Paralympic Games.

The next government step will be informed by the result of these experiments which are happening out by Kanagawa prefectural and Yokohama city government, with the collaboration with a mobile game brand named DeNA Co, which is the group that actually runs the stadium.

There’s a second experience scheduled for the 7th and 8th of November at the Tokyo Dome. The Yomiuri and Yakult Swallows will have a match.

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