Most Costly School In The World Which Has 10,000 $ Monthly Fees

Every man in the world wants to give best education to his child and for this purpose he is ready to pay big amount of school fees. In Switzerland there is also such kind of school which is most costly school in the world, which has the annual school fees per child is 113,000 $ and 10,000 $ Monthly Fees. The Le Rosey named this school is the oldest school in the Switzerland which is, consider center of Curriculum and non Curriculum activities. A vast area of 69 Acre marvelous this school has 10 Tens Court, one big open air theater, and circus tent, art of Archery facilities are available.The-Le-Rosey

Calling the King of school, the most costly school in the world only can get education children of Lords, king’s families and famous business people.[adsense]

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The Le Rosey Viewed From Above: