Microsoft Invents First Windows To Run On Your Desktop Computer, Laptop And Tablet PCs

Microsoft’s latest operating system is windows 8. It has many changes compared to previous Microsoft operating systems. Windows 8 system requirements are less then Windows 7,  so if your computer runs, Windows 7 It can also easily run Windows 8. Amazing thing that you can control this operating system touch and manually control equally. It is my favorite window now, I am using Window 8 since last one year and enjoying its amazing features.

Windows 8 Features

[adsense]Important Windows 8 Features  for new users:

1- On the market Windows 8 will be available in just four versions ( Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 Enterprise. Three for Intel and AMD Computers and one that run on ARM processors.
2- Windows 8 is as different from Windows 7, In windows 8 Microsoft has created a single operating system that can run on all your devices, including PCs, laptops and tablets. Regardless of screen size and how you interact with the device, it will scale perfectly.
3- Using Windows 8 as Desktop computer type any key on the keyboard or click with the mouse anywhere on the screen, or click near the bottom of the screen.
4- Using Windows 8 in Laptop you can hold down the left track pad button while moving the cursor upward, or perform a similar movement. Alternatively, tap any key on the keyboard or click with the mouse anywhere on the screen.
5- Using Windows 8 Touch compatibility or tablet facility place your finger anywhere near the
middle or bottom of the screen and flick upward.