Is There Any Legal Age To Buy Diamond Jewellery In UK?

Diamonds are the sparkly stones mostly used for making jewellery that have mesmerized the humans since their discovery. Diamonds are one of the hardest substance known to man and therefore they are used for industrial cutting purposes. There are various types of diamonds available today. They can be naturally occurring mined diamonds or the ones that are created in a laboratory.

The market for diamonds has increased considerably in the past few years. The world population has increased and so has their obsession with diamond jewellery. New diamond mines have recently been discovered in Canada which is now contributing in satiating the ever-growing hunger for diamond jewellery across the world.

The increasing demand for diamond jewellery has increased in the recent times. One of the main reasons for this is that diamond jewellery has become more affordable with the introduction of lab created diamonds that are now used to make lab grown diamond rings, lab grown diamond necklaces, lab grown diamond tennis bracelets and brooches. It is heartening to see that people have started buying diamond jewellery again after witnessing a decline in sales of natural diamonds after it was made public that the mining of natural diamonds involves unethical incentives and damages the environment.

Although there is no particular age at which you can buy diamonds, trends these days show that a lot of young people are buying diamonds and diamond jewellery. Lab grown diamonds have revolutionised the diamond industry by making diamond jewellery extremely affordable. They are exactly similar to mined diamonds in terms of physical, chemical and optical properties. The only difference is that they are created in a laboratory under conditions of high temperature and pressure. Since their introduction, the lab grown diamonds have found a place for themselves in the jewellery industry that keeps growing each year.

Since the mining of diamonds was a costly affair, the price of mined diamonds was very high. But the lab grown diamonds have proved to be the game changer here and sell at 40% lesser cost as compared to the naturally mined diamonds. This of course is the main reason why more and more younger people are opting to buy lab grown diamond jewellery. But apart from this, lab grown diamonds are ethically sourced, environment friendly and sustainable. Hence, they appeal to the younger generations who are more aware of the impact of their choices on the planet and want to make sustainable choices.

More and more youngsters today are becoming financially independent at an early age and are buying diamond jewellery, especially the ones make of lab grown diamonds, not just for themselves but also for their family and friends with whom they talk about friendship stories over a cup of coffee in a café. And diamond jewellery looks great on young people, who are championing the cause of sustainability and becoming young ambassadors that promote a sustainable way of life.