Is Google Plus threat For The Facebook And Twitter Social Networks Or Not?

There are billions of websites on the Internet. websites can be divided into many categories including information, entertainment, business, charitable and social networking etc. Six to seven years ago, entertainment and information websites but most were seen in 2003 “My Space” introduced arrival of social networking and the popularity of this category in terms of leads in all types of web sites. Social networking websites to connect to their users than others, making friends, sharing ideas and information and provides many more options. Each new social network website to increase its number of users provides new facilities.[adsense]

Google Plus threatFacebook came on the scene in 2005, and soon all records of popularity as a given. And then the world’s most used social network website. Facebook have 1.15 billion registered users in 2013. Twitter founded in 2006 as the increasingly popular social networking Web site. Users of this web site can also send sms , to friends on his mobile. And this is the secret of the popularity of the site. Now a day Google Plus is the second-largest social networking site in the world. In May 2013 it had 359 million active users and about 500 million registered users. Google Plus popularity day by day graph is going up. And perhaps the day is not far when it will be called the world’s number one social network  Google Plus users to use the opinion that it is the most popular social networking service existing websites, Facebook and Twitter can be at risk for.