Is Briarwood the Best Alcohol Detox Facility in Austin?

If you ask any person who went through detox recently, they would confidently say Briarwood is the best alcohol detox facility in all of the US, let alone Austin, Texas. It provides treatments to hundreds of people every year and it has a lot of features that make it the best. If you are addicted to any drug and you seek detox services from a trustworthy facility, then you should choose Briarwood. We give you the following reasons for you to consider too.

Briarwood is One of the Most Famous Facilities in Austin

Almost everyone in Austin holds a high reputation for the Briarwood facility. This is because a lot of people visiting the county come in search of Briarwood to get admitted there. The facility has been built over a scenic spot, just one mile south of Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. It is accessible by road, rail and just 30 minutes from the nearest airport. The area has mild, pleasant weather for the most part of the year and it is conducive for people to relax and rest while they get treated.

It Has an Experienced Team of Medical Professionals

The backbone of the facility are its experienced teams of medical professionals. All the clinicians, psychiatrists, and physiologists have long years of experience in treating patients suffering from addictions. It is with this experience they support and care for the patients who go through the detox procedures. They will take you step by step through your detox and then help you follow through on your therapies and counseling.

You Get the Best Amenities in the City

The Briarwood alcohol detox center also has the best amenities you would hope for. It houses separate quarters for men, women, and the LGBTQ community. Each home is equipped with amenities like, Indoor and outdoor lounge/seating areas, spacious semi-private rooms, living rooms with comfortable seating and a flat-screen TV, and more. You also get delicious chef-prepared meals every day during your stay here.

You Can Also Find Luxury Detox Programs

If your regular stay seems boring, you can always upgrade to the luxury detox program. This will get you the finest stay arrangements in the facility, equivalent to getting into a royal suite in a 7-star hotel. You will be assigned a personal healthcare manager who will guide you into your treatment plan. You will have your own private space, where you can relax, rest, catch up with your work and even invite your family to stay with you.

Get Everything You Need Under One Roof

The luxury alcohol detox offers a lot more. But the important thing is, you will be cleared of all addictions after your detox in the Briarwood facility. Every patient who has gone through detox here has reported positive changes in their lifestyle after they move out. You will feel the changes too. With a wide range of services, urgent care and a helpful medical team, Briarwood Detox Center is definitely the best in Austin.