Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing Still Worth It in 2021? (Pros & Cons)

Is Amazon affiliate marketing still worth it? Many people are wondering about this. If you are one of them, you are at the right place. Let’s explore via this article.


When it comes to affiliate marketing, Amazon is always the first choice. So what is Amazon affiliate marketing? Is this program still worth it? This article will provide you with some brief but valuable insights into these aspects. 

What Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Currently, Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. With a multi-functional retail system, it gives users around the world a wide variety of choices.

Amazon always ensures its credibility by strictly censoring the quality of its products. Naturally, therefore, it owns a massive number of customers.

As a result, Amazon offers many opportunities to make money. One of them is joining Amazon affiliate marketing.

To put it simply, when you become an Amazon affiliate marketing partner, you will help sell other brands’ products. Usually, you need to advertise that product on your blog (or website, social network, email) with an affiliate link. For each successfully executed order, you will receive the corresponding commission.


In general, if you are looking for a passive income source, this program is a perfect choice that can help you make money quickly without much cost.

However, the content of your website should be compelling enough to make the readers invest in a product. Unfortunately, that’s not easy, especially for beginners.

If you don’t want to spend too much time dwelling on the content research stage, look for a professional consultancy from an Amazon marketing agency.

Pros & Cons Of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program In 2021

Like most other types of business,  joining amazon affiliate marketing has both advantages and disadvantages. So let’s take a look at its benefits and drawbacks.

1. Pros

As mentioned above, Amazon is one of the major e-commerce platforms. Therefore, being an Amazon partner gives you a lot of benefits.

  • Amazon is a trusted e-commerce site

Many customers have loved Amazon. In addition, they offer millions of trusted products. So you can take advantage of that.

Customers will be safe when they buy through your link. Furthermore, the commissions that you can receive are entirely transparent.

When you become an Amazon partner, all your information is entirely confidential. So rest assured, your commissions are always safe there!

  • Almost all goods are available

Amazon offers a multitude of products. You can find everything at Amazon, such as paintings, paintball guns, toys, shoes, shirts, headphones, and more.

As a result, you can find goods that are related to your articles. Then, through articles on your website, you can help sell those goods. So, it is true to say that Amazon affiliate marketing helps you make money from your articles.

  • Increased profits & extended benefits

Through this popular program, you can receive commissions from many other products besides the one you advertise. 

Specifically, if readers visiting your affiliate link buy anything other than the product you referred, you will also receive money. So as long as your readers navigate to Amazon via your affiliate link, you will receive money when they buy anything.

  • Cookies

The fact of the matter is that Amazon cookies only last for twenty-four hours. However, the cookie’s shelf life can be increased to 90 if readers add an item to the cart. In addition, within 24 hours of their use of your cookie, you will receive a commission for everything they buy.

  • Join for free

You can join this popular program for free. You just need to follow some procedures and regulations.

  • Low payout

You can get your money if your commission reaches $10 or more.

  • User support

The Amazon customer support team is beneficial. They always try to solve user problems as quickly as possible.

2. Cons

As an e-commerce giant, Amazon also has some downsides when it comes to its affiliate program.

  • Low commission rate

Marketers receive meager commissions from this program.

Specifically, you would start with 4%. However, for luxury products, the commission rate can go up to 10%. Moreover, you earn more from some digital products.

In general, Amazon pays a lower commission rate than other affiliate networks. However, as of now, no e-commerce site has the same power as Amazon. So when talking about reach, Amazon is the champion!

  • PayPal is unavailable

PayPal is one of the prevalent online payment methods. The proof is that many people around the world prefer to use PayPal for many good reasons. But, unfortunately, Amazon does not accept this option.

  • No international payouts

As an example, your blog advertises products for However, customers are redirected to to purchase after they click on your link. In that case, unfortunately, you will not receive a commission.

  • Unclear terms of service

Terms of Service are things that Amazon needs to improve as soon as possible. So far, Amazon requires users to adhere to an unclear operating agreement. Amazon is ready to ban them if they violate any terms.

On the other hand, their unclear policy also affects the customer support team. Specifically, customer support sometimes becomes useless when their employees give false or contradictory information.

How To Join Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Essential Tips For Beginners

There are many ways to approach this popular program. One of the most popular and effective ways is blogging. So, if you are planning to become an Amazon affiliate partner, you can refer to our step-by-step guide.


Step 1: Search for potential keywords and do competitor research

Firstly, you need to research your keywords as well as look for competitors. Thanks to that, you can know how to market your products to consumers in the fastest way.

Step 2: Blogging

You can blog yourself or hire someone to do it for you. 

You need to ensure your articles are intended to advertise products to readers. In addition, you need to provide readers with the necessary information to increase your chances of selling.

Step 3: Buy Hosting and Domain to create your website

Through this step, you can get a professional website. It will help you reach your potential customers most effectively.

If you are serious about joining this program, refer to Olifant Digital for more information.


In general, the Amazon affiliate program is still an excellent solution for passive income sources. Although Amazon comes with unclear terms and low commission rates, it is one of the most effective online business solutions.