Introduction to Elevator Shoes

Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes are also known as lift shoes, tall shoes or height increasing shoes. They are usually made to increase the height of the wearer without noticing. They have thick insoles known as lifts that help increase the wearer’s height. This gives the shoe a normal look from the outside. Elevator shoes increase 2 to 5 inches in height depending on the shoe design. elevator shoes lift the height of the wearer in a very natural manner. These shoes are becoming popular among men who want confidence and opportunities that come from them. It is becoming the modern and simplest way to stand out.

Anime shoes are becoming popular among men who want confidence and opportunities that come from them. It is becoming the modern and simplest way to stand out.

History of Elevator Shoes

History of these shoes can be dated back to the early 1500s when cowboy boots were introduced in Spain. In the early 1700s men shoes with Cuban heel became popular. Nowadays people are concerned more about health. Individuals with flat feet feel uncomfortable when they wear normal shoes. Some try to put extra insoles to make them feel comfortable.

Orthopedic doctors recommend the use of thick insoles to help increase height. The idea of thick soft insoles started becoming popular. Shoe manufactures opted to start adopting this idea while maintaining the normal look and comfort.

In the late 1990s, women elevator shoes gained popularity. These ladies’ shoes usually come with flat, low or middle heels with a thick insole. Elevator shoes are the latest evolution of lifting shoes.

Inside Elevat0r Sh0es

It sounds simple to elevate shoes but the problem comes in when trying to maintain comfort. All the components should be re-designed to achieve this goal. A pair of elevator shoes ??n???t? of four parts:

1. The Upper part
This is a crucial part as it is the image of the shoe and also reflects quality. The upper part should be designed to accommodate the thick insole. There are more slopes between the face and the post. The posted curve is higher compared to normal shoes. It contributes to the comfortability and safety of the shoe.

2. Insole
The insole is the interior bottom of the footwear. Some of the hidden height lies in this part of the shoe. It can be made from cork, foam or plastic. The back part is higher than the front part forming an elevation. This is what brings the difference in the design of elevator shoes. There is also a kind of shoe lift which can also be used. They are separated thick insoles that can be used in any shoe. The problem with these shoe lifts is that they need to be replaced after a few months, are uncomfortable and larger sized lifts cannot fit in smaller shoes

3. Mid-insole
The insole is usually made of soft and expensive materials. It easily wears out with impact. The mid-sole protect the insole from the outer sole hence preventing wear and tear. It also provides aeration.

4. Height increasing layer
It is easy to fit in multiple height increasing layers depending on the occasion. They also have aerated cushions for extra comfort. This layer varies depending on the different height needs of the wearer. This part is designed as per human physiology mechanics which are scientifically proven.

5. Outer-soles
Quality shoes are designed with firm outsoles for durability. The outer sole keeps the wearer safe from feelings of discomfort. Elevator shoes are uniquely made although they are totally different with regular shoes in every aspect.[adsense]

Which Group of people is the Elevator Shoe meant for?

Our heights are God given. This makes it almost humanly impossible to change this fact. Elevator shoes are designed for those who want to appear taller effectively without noticing. Elevator shoes can be worn by both men and women. The frequency in which men wear these shoes is increase at a faster rate compared to that of the other gender.Elevator Shoes (2)

Most flat-footed individuals enjoy elevator shoes as they are comfortable with them. Some people wear elevator shoes in certain occasions only while others have made this style their own irrespective of the occasion. For the majority who love to wear them regardless of the event, perhaps it is because of the comfort, uniqueness and the feeling of greatness these shoes come with. However, if you have a foot condition, consulting your podiatrist Melbourne before wearing elevator shoes is advisable.

In occasions like weddings, graduation and most ceremonies, most ladies and men alike love to appear taller. May be that is why the number of those wearing these stylish kicks is going up by day.

Famous Individuals Wearing Elevator Shoes

It may go unnoticed but the fact is many people wear elevator shoes. Some of the public figures who have been seen with this kind of shoes include the French president Nicholas Sarkozy, Tom cruise, a famous movie star, and Aviv Nevo a venture capitalist. From celebrities to those leading private lives, the elevator shoe is becoming a favorite. Over a million pairs of these shoes are sold annually.

The Shoe for Every Occasion

Elevator shoes have been specially designed to suit almost every occasion. There is a vast collection of dress or formal shoes that offer fine leathers and stylish options. Whether you are going into the office, night out or a job interview, elevator shoes will help you feel confident and taller. Elevator shoes offer formal and casual options for everyone. You can also find athletic elevator shoes and slip-ons which you can wear during your holidays. They are a perfect solution to staying classy in any occasion.


Guidomaggi elevator shoes have a number of benefits. These kicks can help you adjust your height upwards and appear taller; a new appearance that may change a lot, including your life. The wins that come with increased height can only be felt. In the end, you become confident and stylish too. Some may not like elevator shoes for their posture adjusting quality. Well, the fact remains this is a unique wear you cannot live without.

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