Important Keyboard Shortcuts And HotKeys To Easy Use Your Google+

Basically, Google+ includes several services we already use, like Circles, Google Takeout, and Sparks. Google+ is a great way to charm people and many of the Facebook users are already making their minds to take a shift. Also there are some more great subtle features you should know as well. Using shortcuts and hotkeys you can use more easy your Google Plus.Google-Plus-Shortcuts-1

[adsense]Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts And HotKeys:

  • J:- to read NEXT post on the StreamGoogle-Plus-Shortcuts-2
  • K:- to read PREVIOUS post on the Stream
  • R:- to Enter a COMMENT
  • TAB + ENTER:- to Publish the COMMENT
  • SPACE:- to SCROLL-DOWN the Stream (Any Page)
  • SHIFT + SPACE:- to SCROLL-UP the Stream (Any Page)
  • N:- to read NEXT COMMENT on a Post
  • P:- to read PREVIOUS COMMENT on a Post
  • /:- to start a Google+ SEARCH
  • ?:- to view Keyboard SHORTCUTS
  • ?:- (Left Arrow) to SELECT PAGES on the Left Ribbon.
  • ?:- (Right Arrow) to SCROLL/READ the Stream again.
  • On the Google Bar Notifications, use the Left & Right Arrows to read Notifications

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