Important changes proposed to the Polish Gambling Act

The gambling industry in Poland is relatively young because the main regulations concerning the functioning of land-based and “kasyna online” (online casinos) were adopted at the beginning of the 21st century. Thus, the Polish Gambling Act was adopted in 2009. But since that time, the gambling sphere has been continually developing. As a result, some changes are in demand because it is necessary to respond to the calls of nowadays. During the period of the pandemic, it became apparent that particular attention was required to casino games and access to them among Polish gamblers. That is why specific changes to gambling regulations appeared on the agenda. Let’s speak about them in more detail.

Changes towards the organization of tournaments (article 6a)

According to this amendment, any helder of the poker tournament of any class should provide information about the number of participants, some of their personal data, the place of the tournament, the highest winning, and teh fees the provider will pay for the organization of the tournament. This information cannot be hidden anymore. Moreover, it will have to be presented in both printed and electronic variants. This amendment will help increase participants’ involvement in the online sector.

Changes in the sphere of slot machines (article 15, sections 1a and 2)

Based on this amendment, there will no longer be significant obstacles to establishing slot machines. As for now, it is impossible to legally install an approved slot machine in the palace you wish. After the amendment is approved, the number of slot terminals will increase because it will be easier to receive approval for its establishment.

Changes in audio-video signaling in slot machines (article 15b)

This change was motivated by a survey that the play on too noisy slot machines has an impact on the development of ludomania because it influences the gambler’s perception of the game. It may increase their passion for the game and enhance their desire to receive bonuses. After this amendment, these signals will be reduced.

Changes in the registration regulations (article 15, sections F4, 6,9)

Its primary purpose is to change the registration conditions for all gambling platforms that were previously illegal. All the domains that are planned to be established have to be preliminarily approved and registered. There will be a specialized register with the names of all legal and illegal domains which are known currently. Additionally, it will facilitate the regulation of the functioning of illegal affiliated companies, which are registered in other countries where the gambling law is different.

Changes in the poker sector

Poker play is highly regulated in Poland, and the regulations are firmly established. However, the amendments are present here as well. Currently, the main form of poker game is teh tournament inside the chosen casino. And this thing is not expected to be changed. The amendment offers additional forms of playing poker inside the casino: play against the chosen casino; competitions provided outside the casino but with the casinos involved in it.; small tournaments with a maximum prize of approximately 2,000 PLN.

Other changes

The other minor changes may include but are not limited to:

  • The gambling advertisement will remain banned. But the licensed casinos will be able to advertise their services online or in different forms.
  • All the staff of the gambling facility should be trained accordingly.
  • The gambling website cannot have advertisements for other services, such as taking loans.
  • The casino provider is obliged to articulate their position against the minor’s participation in gambling.

All these changes demonstrate the development of the online casino sector in Poland and teh desire of the Polish government to reach the development of this sphere like in the rest of the European countries, where gambling is highly regulated.