Implementing And Developing A Successful Customer Review Strategy

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When many customers want to use a product or service for the first time, one of the things they check is online customer reviews. Many of them are likely to search your brand on review platforms to know what to expect if they patronize you.

With a properly planned customer review strategy, you can impress prospective customers and drive great sales.

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What is a customer review strategy, and why is it important

A customer review strategy involves providing a wholesome and delightful customer experience that makes customers happy and motivates them to give reviews organically.

These days, before customers patronize a brand, they have to conquer their doubts. Sometimes, when they are not entirely convinced about the reputability and quality of a business, they end up not opting for their products or services.

According to a statistic from BrightLocal’s report, about 91% of consumers trust reviews from strangers on the internet. They perceive their studies to be authentic, influencing their buying decision.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to driving more sales, you need to incorporate a customer review strategy into your plans.

The different types of customer reviews

Customer reviews come in different types, and understanding how they all work will help you leverage them uniquely.

Here are some types of customer reviews you can use to boost your business’ sales

1. Social Media Customer Reviews

When surfing social media platforms, you might find people talking about a particular business.

To use this to your advantage, search on any social media platform with your business name as a keyword. The search results would bring up what people are saying about your business.

Then you can highlight, share, repost, and retweet their comments. You can request their permission to publish their comments on your website.

2. Customer stories

Many people are drawn to reading stories from people on the internet. It is crucial to take advantage of storytelling in marketing to drive sales for your business.

A well-crafted customer story can positively influence purchase choices, provided they are relatable. You can make your business a trusted brand with a few customer stories.

3. Photos of customers

Some people don’t trust customers’ reviews until they see a picture attached to their posts. Hence, if you have hundreds of reviews and a few have pictures, some people might think they were auto-generated. For some individuals, all they need to see is the 5-star rating and the reviewer’s image, and they are good to go.

4. Video reviews from customers

Using video reviews to rate a product or service is one of the most effective means to draw prospective customers’ attention. When potential customers see a video testimonial, they will get the impression that the product or service must have been so good to commend it publicly.

You don’t need hundreds of video reviews to attract customers. All you need are a few well-recorded videos, and you will be astonished by the sales volume you will generate.

5.  Customer reviews in the form of Blog posts

With your customer’s permission, you can write a blog post about their experience with your business’s products or services. The blog post style should be friendly and informative. It could be in the form of an interview to keep readers engaged.

You can use this strategy to drive more traffic to your website, which will help to boost sales.

Steps and tips for building a solid customer review campaign

Have you ever wondered how you can create a profound customer review campaign? You can get the hang of it when you have proper documentation of all the strategies you intend to explore.

Have a look at some tips needed to build a good customer review campaign

1. Improve your products and services

Not everyone might expect this tip to come first, but it is important because the quality of your offerings determines the kind of reviews you would get. Therefore, before launching a customer review campaign, ensure your products and services are in good standing.

2. Ensure your customer support channels are active

While planning your customer review campaign, make sure that all your customer support lines are active. When customers are not promptly attended to and their needs are not met, it could negatively affect your business.

3.  Create a product profile on customer review platforms

There are several review platforms on the internet, but you don’t have to be on all of them. Look out for the reputable ones where your competitors have listed their products and services.

When you want to get your services or products listed, you might need to provide some information about your business. These platforms allow you to attach videos, screenshots, blog posts, etc.

4. Don’t ignore the negative feedback

Many businesses prefer to focus on the positive reviews and leave out the negative ones. Meanwhile, one of the ways to give your brand a competitive edge is by providing equal focus to the negative reviews and improving on your shortcomings. You can get help and support with this by working with an online reputation management company, which can remove negative glassdoor reviews, for example, and thus help to build your brand and reputation.

5. Create a special page on your site to collect customer reviews

You can create a dedicated page for customers’ feedback if you have a business website. This will allow you to have all the studies together. In addition, prospective and returning customers can view these reviews without exiting your website.

You need to make this page as visible and accessible as possible on your website to be easy for customers to share their experiences.

Analyzing and using customer reviews to improve your business

After collecting customer reviews, it should not just end there. You need to examine these reviews to give your business a significant facelift.

One of the things you need to do first is observing the recurring complaints. These complaints are what you would use to repackage and restructure your offerings.

Another factor to consider is the target demographics. You need to know where your reviews are coming from and those who are giving them. This would help your marketing strategy become more effective.

Additionally, look out for what customers are expecting from your brand. Some of them will subtly mention some things your competitors are doing that are absent in your business.

Alternatively, you can get microloans to hire a professional who would help you analyze customer reviews to boost your business.


After reading through this piece, you now have a better idea of developing a successful customer review strategy that would help measure and improve customer satisfaction.

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