Ibn al-Haytham A Muslim, Founder of Camera and Optics

Knowledge Optics were written by the world’s first masterpiece written by a Arab Muslim scientist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher Ibn al-Haytham. He was born in July 1, 965 AD, Basra, Iraq and died in March 6, 1040, Cairo, Egypt, age of 75 years. Research on spherical mirrors was their outstanding achievement. He also explains magnifying power lenses. They set fire glass and spherical mirror on your lathe. Founder of camera and opticsResearch on mirrors and his life experiences had made possible the invention of the Microscope and Telescope in Europe and other countries. Ibn al-Haytham was discovered glass lens invented a method to find a point at which the glass chamber. Ibn al-Haytham made eye diagrams for the interpretation of technical terms, such as parts and has invented his retina, lentils, cornea, which are still used. Emerging between the thin eye lens, it said that the shape of lentils. Lentils in Latin word, which became known as the lens now. The world’s first pinhole camera is also a great invention of the Ibn al-Haytham, the image of the industry.[adsense]

Ibn al-Haytham’s Famous Books:

  • Book of Optics,
  • Doubts Concerning Ptolemy,Eye Parts
  • Alhazen’s problem,
  • Analysis,
  • Catoptrics,
  • Horopter,
  • Moon illusion,
  • Experimental science,
  • Scientific methodology,
  • Visual perception,
  • Animal psychology,
  • Empirical theory of perception,