How You Can Reset Your Mental Well-Being


When was the last time you told someone how you are honestly feeling? For plenty of people, the answer is never. Managing your innermost feelings is a necessary part of being a human, but sometimes the need arises for a complete mental reset. There is no better sign than when you are afraid to tell people what’s really going on, and here’s how it can be done. 

Map It Out

More often than not, sitting down and naming what is on your mind is the bravest step of all. This will help you come to terms with the things that are causing intense stress and increased anxiety and give you a foundation to build from in terms of addressing them. You can do it on a big whiteboard, in the notes on your phone, or back to basics with a pen and paper journal. 

Consider a Therapy Session

Therapy is made for people with things to talk about and work through. This is the perfect arena to discuss any problems and struggles you are going through and figure out how to move forward. A safe space with professional advice or guidance is always a warm environment to begin a mental reset. 

Take a Trip

Is there anything more refreshing than stepping away from your usual routine and embracing adventure? Changing the scenery does wonderful things for well-being and encourages your mind to focus on different perspectives, see new sights and push boundaries. What better place to do this than in nature, where there are natural positive boosters all around you? You can book into a wild cabin at Still Rabbit Lodges, for example, and let the countryside begin your healing journey. 

Step Back from Technology

Social media, while wildly popular and for good reasons too, is harmful to a fragile mind. One that is in need of a reset will benefit greatly from putting down the tech and finding a different avenue to channel energy into. The best alternatives are things like going out to see friends, taking a walk somewhere new, starting a craft project, writing, or picking up a favourite book. Technology has its place in modern life, but it shouldn’t be a constant presence. 

Take Things One Day at a Time

People often forget to exist in the present moment. However, the advantages of giving yourself over to what’s happening now include reduced anxiety, centred thinking, boosted serotonin and confidence. So, how can it be done? The simple answer is one that focuses on taking one step at a time, especially when feelings of being overwhelmed are creeping in. 

Make a list of what you want to achieve in the day and keep it realistic. Go from there and see where the mood takes you. If you need a day resting on the sofa with your favourite show, do it! If work is the priority, throw yourself into it and recalibrate once the shift has finished. There are plenty of ways to engage with what’s in front of you. 

Sometimes, mental resets are necessary. If you are struggling with constant anxiety, fatigue, or feelings of low mood and low self-esteem, it is time to look after your mind and treat it right.