How to Type With One Hand on the Big Screen Phone or Tablet

While typing with one hand on the big screen phone or tablet is very difficult, because we are just typing a thumb that can not reach the keyboard. The solution: ‘One hand typing is the case. This option lets you get into the Google keyboard and SwiftKey. If you have not already installed the Google Keyboard, Make install after text to find Google Keyboard from Google Play Store.¬†Follow the below mentioned some easy steps to use this option.Type With One Hand_01

Now open to come in preference.Type With One Hand_02

There will be a One handed mode, which you can activate the right or left hand., Type With One Hand_03

Then when you start to type somewhere, the keyboard will automatically be reduced to be typed easily with one hand.Type With One Hand_04

This feature is also present in famous keyboard application SwiftKey . When keyboard open while typing anywhere, then touch the left three lines that actually open the menu settings SwiftKey.Type With One Hand_05When they open the menu opens the ‘Layout’ in.[adsense]Type With One Hand_06

View Layout section, there will be three options Full, Thumbnail and Compact. If you want to use the full keyboard then select “Full”, if you like to use both hands thumb then select “Thumbnail”, while if you just want to type with one hand select “Compact” options.

Select this option you will see that the board will be reduced to a side, and you can easily reach any type with just one hand thumb across the keyboard very quickly. Above both boards are available for the iPhone and Android

In addition, an excellent keyboard Word Flow keyboard is also available. This excellent keyboard is manufactured by Microsoft and is only available for iPhone.Type With One Hand_07

You can see that how beneficial it would be to typing with one hand, right or left.