How to Prepare for the Analytical Writing Section of the GRE 

GRE essay prompts often ask you to analyze an issue from multiple perspectives. In your essay, be sure to develop all of your points fully and support them with specific examples.

 When you take the GRE, you will have to write two essays. The first essay will be called the “Issue” essay, and you will have 45 minutes to complete it. The second essay is called the “Argument” essay, and you will have 30 minutes to complete it.

 For both essays, you will be given a prompt. For the “Issue” essay, you will be asked to choose one side of an issue and discuss the pros and cons of that position. For the “Argument” essay, you will be given a passage to read and then asked to analyze the argument the author is making.

 No matter which essay you are writing, there are some tips that will help you succeed.

First, make sure that you understand the prompt. Read it carefully and think about what it is asking you to do. Remember, it is better to read the prompt multiple times before crafting your essay. Next, come up with a thesis statement that takes a clear position on the issue. A thesis statement is a sentence that summarizes the main point of the whole essay. Once you have your thesis, make an outline of the points you want to make in your essay.

When you start writing, be sure to address all parts of the prompt. In your introduction, explain what you will be discussing in your essay. In your body paragraphs, provide specific examples to support your points. And in your conclusion, restate your thesis and summarize the main points of your essay.

By following these tips, you can write a strong GRE essay that will impress the graders and help you get into the school of your choice.

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