How To Maximize Office Space


Working in a disorganized and chaotic environment is bound to reduce productivity. Not all the time you will find yourself in a spacious workspace. Sometimes you have to deal with a small space, that doesn’t mean it has to be cluttered.

It is important to find ways to maximize the office space available to you. It helps with productivity as well as leaves a good impression on visitors. We always look forward to working in big spaces but in most cases, start-ups are of humble beginnings. You can make due with the small space you have if it is what you could manage at the moment. Below are some tips on how to maximize small office spaces:

Proper Storage

First, in this day and age people opt to go paperless to avoid the scattered paper records in an office. However, some still can’t fully go paperless and for those, you have to find ways in which all these records are not haphazardly placed. Personal storage should be allocated to employees like a tuck under desk drawer that saves space and is secure. You can also have mobile casters that are portable and save space.

Office organization is key; it helps to keep the room tidy and presentable. You can use quality humidor wholesaler box designs, which are reliable and cost-friendly. In some cases, the office space you have will not be able to hold everything and for that, you might have to rent extra storage space. This will provide storage solutions for things like inventory while creating space in the office. Always make the most of the size of your space with regards to what the employee needs.

Utilize Common Areas

Unless you are in a private office where everything is for just you, in most cases, people tend to share some items in an office setup. Common areas could include the kitchen or even an open office layout. In which case for an open office, one room would have to accommodate different needs for the workers. This will help with sharing office equipment such as sharing office desks and tables.

By doing so, you create a more collaborative environment and teamwork. You will also need to get rid of things you do not need like excess materials and furnishings. You can donate, recycle what can’t be donated, and throw away what is not needed anymore. When employees maintain their individual workspaces well organized it makes a huge difference.

For shared spaces, like conference halls, need to be strategically laid out to make the most of the space. When looking for furniture, get something that is size appropriate. Keekea office chairs are my personal favorite chairs because they are durable and easily movable. In any setup, always give employees room to stretch, both physically and creatively, for better productivity.

Wall Space

Making good use of wall space will help make a small area look spacious. There is usually not much going for the walls. For example, mounted shelves would provide storage. By putting your walls at work it helps ensure flexibility. Other than mounting the usual artwork for aesthetics you can mount office boards or pen holders.


Natural light is the best for small spaces. It helps create a spacious feel to the room. Large windows are good to let in natural light and also keep the blinds or curtains open to allow in the light. Having good lighting is not enough, make sure to decorate strategically. Things like mirrors on the wall can be used to enhance the look.

For example in open space offices, you can have proper lighting if the size of your window is not big enough to let inadequate light. For those working from home proper lighting is necessary you might consider getting a desk lamp.

Encourage Working from Home

Sometimes we have to understand that we might not always fit in an office space and for that, we make necessary arrangements. You might have interchangeable schedules with employees where sometimes they work from home and at times at the office. With the help of mobile phones, this has become very effective.

As an employee working from home, your phone as the mode of communication has to be secure. You can acquire mobile accessories like phone cases from china. Working from home can be effective in that you get to work in an environment you’re most comfortable in.


Offices are areas that we will use at some point in life. In which case being able to maximize and effectively manage them is very important. Making the most out of available space and providing a good work environment helps employees stay motivated.