How to Make Your Mobile Phone or PC as Torrent TV

There are millions of TV channels worldwide, but they are not available everywhere. The large population of the world remains on the channels shown on the local cable, whether they are standard. If only talking about sports, every day around the world is different sports competitions such as baseball, basketball, cycling, golf, ice hockey, rugby etc. Sadly, the world-famous games are not broadcast in Pakistan. Even so many important matches of the world’s most popular sport like football do not show in our country.Ace Stream player

If you want to see any match of any game directly by Internet, its best way is the Ace Stream Player. With this player, you can watch many other television channels through the Internet as well as other games. If you have the best internet speed, you can also watch high-definition TVs. Since nowadays, the Internet has good speed everywhere and this program works on the P2P system, so its broadcast is clean and impartial.

Actually the Acestream Torrent TV works on the Torrent style, through which a video or audio is actually reaching through streaming through other sessions as a Torrent. Through this player, movies on the Torrent can also be seen. This program is available free of charge for PC, Linux and Android as well.

This program uses the VLC media player to work, so if the VLC media player is also better installed. If you want to watch football matches live, you can get the live link from here and see them in the S Streaming Player:

[adsense]You must have a link to view a channel on the S stream. You can find links to your favorite channel on the Internet right away.

The Example  links to the S Streaming is something like this:

acestream://a30c60fe37ef98a276b0daafcdc0527f534142c5BBC ONE UK

A Spor HD TR:
acestream://85ba1e6372f065215e7be4c36427395fe7605c8bA Spor HD TR

acestream://f01dd99ffaa3b1d271ff1f14cc57ecb38a86dbbbSKY SPORTS Main Event UK

  • To open this link in the S Streaming Player, click on the Media menu of the player, click the “Open Network Stream”Ace Stream player setting
  • After clicking the link in the Network Protocol section, click on the Play button below. If your channel is activated then it starts running straight after load.Ace Stream player setting (2)

This program mostly installed its plugins in your browser so that anywhere you click on the existing S stream link, it will automatically open the program not to paste the link again. If you want to watch free movies and sports events in HD quality, there is no better program than S Streaming.

To find out how to doing this program, watch this video: