How To Make Money In TikTok: Ways Of Monetization, Instructions And Tips For Beginners


Greetings to all future and current conquerors of TikTok!

Are you already familiar with a platform called TikTok? This app is designed to enable users to create unique and engaging videos. You can share your talents, skills and abilities, amuse the audience or teach them something.

TikTok has in common with social networks the presence of accounts, subscribers, likes and comments, which can make an ordinary person, if not a celebrity, then a recognizable personality in narrow circles.

The TikTok platform and the reasons for its popularity.

TikTok ranked first among the most popular non-gaming mobile apps. The number of downloads exceeded 2 billion.

First of all, TikTok is associated with teenagers, because they were the main users of the application. Now young people under 18 are also an impressive part of the app’s audience, but the number of viewers over 20, and sometimes even 30, is also growing significantly. The more popular the service, the more paying advertisers are interested in it.

The advantage of the platform, which the authors especially like, is the way of showing new videos to viewers. Users are broadcasted not only videos from their subscriptions, but also those videos that are in some way similar to those previously viewed and liked. Therefore, a beginner can get into the feed for free and get promoted quickly, because this does not require any financial investments.

You can download TikTok on iOS, Android or Windows. In addition, the app is available in 38 languages.

After downloading and a simple registration procedure, you can start uploading your own videos. You don’t have to invest any money to create an account. The application is available without attachments.

For a tiktoker, it is more important that his video has more views than subscribers on the profile. If 10,000 people have subscribed to the account, and only 1,000 are watching videos, then this is a bad indicator that may not interest the advertiser, since he may decide that all subscribers are screwed up. So TikTokers try to apply all kinds of techniques to gain a good amount of views on their content. Some users look for sources to get cheap TikTok followers to get more views on their posts. However it is always recommended to have organic growth.

The application itself does not like cheating very much. If you are suspected of this, you may be blocked. Therefore, it will not work just to wind up subscribers and wait for fame, you still have to create high-quality content.

Ways to make money.

The main source of income for tiktokers is their promoted account. It provides bloggers with the highest income. There are other ways to make a profit, which do not affect the popularization of your own profile.

But in any case, the application itself does not pay users. There is no special program or official options for this. However, you can make money on this platform, which is demonstrated by the most popular Tiktokers.

Well-known bloggers use every opportunity to monetize. Due to their popularity and their position, they conclude lucrative deals with advertisers, other Tiktokers or ordinary Internet users.

We will talk about all the available methods of earning further or browse our site.

Earning money from likes and comments.

Let’s start with methods that don’t need to spin up their own channel.

And the easiest way is to like, write comments, and subscribe to other Tiktok accounts. This will require a lot of free time and patience, especially at the start when your profile is empty with no videos or subscribers. Buying TikTok Views To Become Popular is one option you might want to explore if you want to speed this process up. Once your first video is posted, the more views you can get, the better. This will result in your video being shared more widely, allowing you to get more likes and comments.

As I said, this is the easiest way to make money. But far from the most profitable. For such simple tasks, like likes and subscriptions, they pay accordingly: from 5 to 80 kopecks on average.

Such activity will not become the main source of income, but as a method to kill time on the road or occupy yourself in between activities, it may well be useful.

Newbie tiktokers who want to quickly gain subscribers and views in order to gain popularity pay for such tasks. Sometimes it really helps: winding up subscribers and views bring the account and video to the top, after which already live and interested people also subscribe, like and join the blogger’s army of fans.

But this method of building subscribers only works if content Tiktoker’s kitten is of high quality and interesting. Otherwise, nothing will help him. Therefore, if you decide to wind up views and likes in this way, then first make sure that you can then keep real people.

And if you only want to make money on cheating, then I advise you to use several accounts in TikTok at once. If the platform notices suspicious activity, it will easily ban the profile. Then a spare account will come in handy, from which you can continue to work.

You can search for cheat orders on special services: postal services and social promotion exchanges. The most reliable and well-known are:

– a fairly large exchange that pays slightly higher than other similar resources. The highest payment is offered for comments, moreover, orders for them are more common. But you can also find tasks by likes, subscriptions and video views.

– a well-known platform focused on providing users with tasks in social networks. There are orders for cheating in TikTok. You can withdraw funds to all popular e-wallets and phone numbers.

– a time-tested mailer with thousands of job offers. After a simple registration, you need to go to the “TikTok” tab, where the tasks associated with this application will be located.

– a young microtask exchange with a user-friendly interface and decent pay. Often you come across complex tasks, that is, those where you need to simultaneously like, subscribe to an account, write a comment, watch a video, etc. It is better to take just such orders, since they are paid higher than usual tasks.

– an Internet resource that is tailored for TikTok. On this service, you can find tasks related to a specific application. You can get $ 1 for like, subscribing and watching a video.

Maintenance and promotion of other people’s accounts.

If you have the skills and abilities to promote accounts, if you know how to write scripts for videos and know how to keep the viewers’ attention, but at the same time there is no desire to film yourself and be in the frame, then it will not be difficult for you to make money by maintaining someone else’s account.

Film and television stars, politicians, athletes, businessmen and entrepreneurs, musicians and other famous personalities see the benefits of creating a profile on TikTok. This is how they can maintain their popularity and attract attention. But not everyone has the time and desire to independently maintain an account. Therefore, they hire specialists who will do everything for them.

Many such orders come across on freelance exchanges. You will not find world famous personalities there, but it is quite possible to find a person who is popular in narrow circles.

Your tasks will include:

  • account promotion;
  • coming up with plots and ideas for videos;
  • development of a content plan; creation, editing, video processing or hiring an employee who will do it;
  • filling the channel with content;
  • search for ways to monetize;
  • negotiating with advertisers;
  • placement of advertising posts;
  • development of a customer brand promotion strategy;
  • analysis of modern trends;
  • study of direct competitors.

Based on what exactly the customer requires, you will need to do everything at once or some specific tasks from the list.

In some cases, a blogger may only need a consultation. He will perform all actions himself, he only needs advice.

In addition, you can search for a customer yourself without using a freelance exchange. For example, find a talented performer, usually musicians, and try to promote him. If you manage to make him recognizable and popular, then you can become a producer of a young star.

For promotion, you can record cover versions, write your own music and lyrics, shoot videos with songs as often as possible, and much more.

In most cases, a fixed amount plus interest is paid for maintaining an account.

Video creation and sale.

This method is a bit like the previous one. The only difference is that in this case, payment is charged only for the creation, editing and processing of video. Those who have a desire to become a popular Tiktoker, but do not have the skills to create videos, charisma for filming or equipment, are ready to buy videos.

You don’t have to create your own account, but I would still advise you to do it. So you can upload examples of your work using the profile as a portfolio. Customers will appreciate the quality of the products and buy ready-made videos from you.

You can sell either a lot of short and cheap videos, or more expensive, but higher quality and longer ones, or you can create custom videos that are fully suited to the needs and requirements of the customer. Which selling strategy to use is up to you. Estimate the profit and decide which is more profitable.

The best option would be to acquire several regular customers and focus only on them.

To make this activity your main source of income, you need to be a videographer, editor, screenwriter, and sometimes an actor at the same time. Some people ask that at the beginning of the video there is special logo. In this case, the skills of a designer will also be required.

Therefore, before settling on this method, make sure that you have sufficient skills and abilities.