How to Improve Email Deliverability

How to Improve Email Deliverability

Email marketing is a hugely popular way to market your products and tell your customers about the new deals and discounts you are offering. With effective email marketing strategies, you can get a very high Return on Investment. But a well-planned email campaign can only be successful when your emails are delivered correctly to the intended recipients. So you need to consider email deliverability with great importance.

Email validation software is a tool used to verify email addresses, ensuring they are accurate and deliverable. It can identify and remove invalid, fake or fraudulent emails from your database.

If you are worried that all of your promotional emails end up in your customers’ spam folders, then with a few implementations in email automation, things can surely turn to your favor.

Ideas to improve email deliverability

  • Check the origin of the subscriber- Go for a genuine list rather than a buying list. You should focus on customers who are genuinely interested in your products rather than sending emails to random people.
  • Keep the list clean- Always use tools to verify the email list. Check for bounced emails, generic addresses, and so on. Ensure that you have subscribers who are engaged rather than having a huge list full of spam accounts.
  • Check the email settings- Your email application and IP providers offer various ways to tweak your email sending settings to increase the deliverability rate. Looking after your POP3 VS IMAP settings can work. You should improve the DMARC policy, verify your mail domain, and maintain proper IP allocation.
  • Double opt-ins- Make sure that the subscriber wants to receive your emails by going for double opt-ins. As mentioned earlier, it is advisable to have a smaller number of engaged subscribers than a massive list of random people.
  • Provide options to the recipient- You can let your recipient choose the email frequency, topic, etc. that will keep them engaged. This can be your last chance to save some of your customers before they get fed up with receiving emails and click on the ‘unsubscribe’ option.
  • Segmenting your customer base is vital- You will be able to target the right audience with concerned marketing emails by segmenting the list. You can divide your audience and send them relevant content based on different aspects like demographics, purchasing behavior, etc.
  • Be consistent- Do some research on the best time and frequency to send emails. It doesn’t matter whether you send emails directly or by using any suitable plugins for WordPress. Keep on trying, and once you are able to find out the perfect time, maintain consistency. Doing so will help in establishing trustworthiness and transparency, which will boost your reputation as a sender.
  • Check your subject line- You should always work on polishing your subject line. You should go for subject lines that are engaging and enticing. The better your subject line is, the more engaged your audience will get, and it would help in improving the deliverables of your emails.
  • The final check- You should finally run your emails through spam checking tools. It will help in finding and fixing things before you send the mail. They are like spam proofreaders.


You will have to work consistently and adopt the right strategies to improve email deliverability over time. It is a cumulative process and cannot be done in an instant. When sending various types of transactional emails or launching a new PR campaign, you should always keep in mind the significance of email deliverability. The key is to focus on engagement and learn from past mistakes.