How To Get Your Laptop Ready For Virtual Reality

We have seen that VR is the most trending topic recently. Many people are already mad about it. We have also seen many videos in which people lost their control on their own body after wearing the VR gear. Virtual reality is one of the things that will let you feel as if you are the part of the game or the event going on your screen. We also came across news recently that there is a new cinema started that doesn’t have any screen. In this new cinema we are provided with the VR headsets and allowed us to sit on a chair and enjoy the movieVirtual Reality

Oculus rift and Samsung Gear VR is already launched in the market. Though they have a good amount of price difference but still people are looking forward to get it. These gears require dedicated PC or laptops in order to be used. The computer or laptop must have advanced level of computational capacity so that they render the best quality for VR. This directly means that people will have to either upgrade their PC or they have to buy a new one.

What about the people who use laptops or MAC books? Do they have to purchase a new computer in order to just enjoy the virtual reality? The easy and shortest answer to this question is NO. There are many new and cool accessories available today that will help you convert your laptop or MacBook to a VR machine.[adsense]

The company has revealed a new and amazing device at CES 2016 that will help you convert your laptop to a VR compliance machine. This new device is known as “Razer Core External Graphics Enclosure”. This new device is really very simple but it’s a genius idea. This new device is made to provide all the high quality graphics to be seen at the screen. This new device cost around $499 but if you are planning to buy it without any graphic card then you can easily get it at $399. The main problem with these new devices is that they are compatible with just some laptops but we can expect the revised version or any other company launching the device that will work with every laptop. You can try using Flipkart in order to purchase these devices at lower costs.

These devices use the USB type C to be connected to the laptop and then the Thunderbolt 3 protocol is used to transfer the data. These devices can easily take up the load of a bunch of GPU and they don’t want more than 350 watts of power. This gadget also has an Ethernet port and 4 USB ports that are 3.0 versions. Get discount using Paytm offers and enjoy the VR.

What you have to do is?

You just have to connect the device with your laptop using the USB 3.0 cable and it’s good to go. You can easily enjoy the VR games now on your laptop.