How to Get Free Creators Update for Your Microsoft Windows 10

You must have read about Windows 10 “Creators Update” on the Internet. It was discussed in certain circles updated information technology for several days, because Microsoft had announced it was bringing some cool features, so all await its arrival. And finally it is official now being released. In this update, there have been several new and cool features. As, to close temporarily for updates to Windows, games for the ‘game mode’, Edge Browser, Cortana and new features like Windows Defender. In addition, Windows 10 will find this update through dozens of new features.

If you want to receive these updates, just try to be updated through the Windows 10 settings. If there does not get updated, is another way to get it.

Well, if they continue with this update of Windows has begun to alert the users can get the update. But if you did not have any such information, you can also download this update manually.[adsense]

Download from this link:

Click on the Update Now button, Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant program will be downloaded to you. Run this program, it will tell you immediately check your Windows, that you have which version you have, and can be updated to the latest version.

Click on the Update Now button, then the program will start downloading the latest updates after testing your system. After your Internet speed to the load so it will take time, and updates the download, it will be automatically installed, but it will take time and will eventually have a Windows restart. It is better to leave free time to spare PC for a few hours doing this update. If the laptop, keep it charged for it.