How To Clean a Phone Screen

The average American spends about two hours on their phone each day. Whether you’re lounging in bed, heading out to dinner, or visiting friends, your phone is bound to collect some dirt on the way!

Electronic devices are a person’s best friend; they provide entertainment and efficient communication. It’s easy to overlook cleaning your phone, especially since time tends to move quickly when you’re playing on your favorite device. But when your phone starts looking filthier than usual, it may be time to give it a nice clean.

Do you know how to clean a phone screen? Are you interested in knowing how to prevent phone screen dirty build-up? Luckily, we’ve got an entire phone screen cleaning guide! Continue reading, so you know how to make your phone look brand new again.

Why Clean Your Phone Screen?

Not many people care to clean their phone screens, but it’s more important than you think! It’s estimated that a typical phone is covered in 25,000 bacteria per square inch. That makes it one of the dirtiest objects people come across daily.

If you’re someone who plays on their phone often, keep in mind that whatever your fingers touch, your phone traces. Phones collect oil, filth, and bacteria from every place you go. But why is this so concerning?

Weaker immune systems can be affected by dirty cell phones. The bacteria on a phone can seep into your immune system, causing problems with acne, breakouts, or even transferring influenza. The risk is greater the older you get.

Cleaning your phone ensures you’re getting rid of those pesky germs that love housing on your device. Of course, having a clean phone also means an enjoyable phone experience. You’ll see the screen clearly and not be worried about dust build-up!

How to Clean a Phone Screen

Luckily, it’s easy to clean a phone screen! There are only a few steps you need to follow. Before you get started on cleaning, make sure you have a proper area that is already dry and disinfected. You don’t want to clean your phone on a dirty table.

You’ll only need a few items to clean your phone:

  • Disinfectant wipes
  • A lint-free cloth
  • Q-tips or cell phone cleaning brush
  • New or old phone case

The disinfectant wipes should be 70% alcohol and not be too watery. This is an electronic device and needs to be treated carefully.

Once you’re prepared, it’s time to start cleaning!

1. Take Off the Phone Case

Your old phone case is going to contain dirt, filth, and other germs that need to go. Peel off your phone case and soak it in soapy water. This will remove the build-up in hidden spaces.

If you don’t want to clean your phone case, consider buying a new one. High-quality iPhone 14 cases are easier to clean due to their sleek design. It helps that they look nicer too!

For people with cracked screen protectors, remove them and reapply them after the phone is clean. Screen protectors contain most of the germs, so it’s easier to replace them than clean them.

2. Wipe Down the Phone

Using your disinfectant wipe, wipe the phone from the front, back, and side. Be careful to not get water in the phone. For example, avoid places like the speaker or charging port. We’ll get to those later!

Once the phone is disinfected, wipe the phone with a lint-free cloth. This smooths out any water streaks and makes your phone look brand new! It will also remove any lingering dirt.

3. Clean Tight Spaces!

Dust builds up near your phone’s speakers and charging port. If you ever think your phone isn’t charging properly, or the volume is lower than usual, then you may need a deep clean.

This step is easier with a phone cleaning brush. However, if you don’t have one available, a q-tip will work fine! Use the brush or q-tip to remove dust from any of the phone ports. Keep a tissue handy so things don’t get messy!

4. Let the Phone Air Dry

Lastly, let your phone dry normally. Try not to touch the phone to prevent fingerprints or other germs. Once the phone is ready, pop on your new phone case and you’re ready to go!

How to Prevent a Dirty Phone Screen

Now that you can clean a phone screen, it’s time you learn how to prevent dirt build-up. Here are a few phone cleaning tips so life is not only cleaner but easier!

1. Carry Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer works to prevent germ accumulation daily. Using sanitizer before you touch your phone is a great habit to get into. If you aren’t a fan of sanitizer, consider carrying disinfectant wipes instead. Both prevent bacteria from following you all day long!

2. Clean Once a Week

Cleaning your phone once a week gets you into a beneficial routine. You’ll be spending less time cleaning over the long run, and you don’t have to worry about bacteria building up. Not only that, but you constantly have a shiny phone!

3. Don’t Touch Your Face!

You must get into a habit of not touching your face. Besides your phone, your hands touch many random objects throughout the way. If you touch your face, you’re transferring those germs. You’re also placing those germs on your phone; it’s an endless cycle!

You should always wash your face thoroughly before touching your face. You’ll prevent skin breakouts and other health problems that come with transferring germs.

Get a Squeaky Clean Phone Today!

The best part of cleaning your phone is that you can start right now! Knowing how to clean a phone screen isn’t rocket science. As long as you’re disinfecting the screen, anything is better than nothing. Take your health seriously and get into a cleaning routine.

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