How to Check Online Prize Bond Draw in Pakistan

Online Prize Bond Draw

Are you a prize bond user and want to check the draw schedule and results for 2020? Yes, from here, you will know about a leading website through which you can check your draw result and their list very conveniently. is a platform that provides all the related pieces of information about the prize bond. The website covers all the necessary topics regarding the latest bonds, such as prize bond schedule , draw lists, basic FAQs, etc.

As the website contains all things, so, you will surely be not disappointed. As in Pakistan, various people purchase prize bonds every year from the state bank of Pakistan. These prize bonds are a lawful lottery, announced by the Finance Ministry, National Saving Pakistan. The government started this lottery scheme in 1961 to help the citizens.It’s very important to get to know the reliable sites for playing the lottery. There are so many reviews online. You can check the list of some online lottery international sites from Lottery ‘n Go.
In Pakistan, various prize bonds have different prices. Each prize bond has a unique property and has different prizes. These prices are denominations. The denominations of prize bonds are of Rs 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 250000, 40000 (premium) bond.
The draw of each denomination is held 04 times a year. So, the turn of a prize bond returns after 03 months, and this process continues in a cyclic form.
However, back to the topic, here I will tell you that how you can check the prize bond draw online in Pakistan by using a trustworthy platform/website.

How to Check prize Bond Draw

Through the, you can check the prize bond draw complete schedule and the draw list of your required prize bond.

Prize bond Schedule

If you want to check the prize bond schedule of any year from 2001-2020, then follow the given procedure:

  • Visit the website ( and go to the prize bond schedule page.
  • On that page, you will see the different tabs of the prize bond schedule from 2021-2020.
  • Click on your required tab, then the complete schedule of that year will be in front of you.

Image Demonstration

Here are the image demonstrations about the prize bond schedule. The image will help you to understand the above procedure.[adsense]Thus, when you clock on the tab, for example, prize bond schedule 2021, then the complete list will open like this:Similarly, you can check the schedule of all given prize bonds.
Other than that, if you want to check the draw list of any specific denominations, then click on the column “Result”, then the lists of prize bond numbers will appear on your screen.