How spy applications like Hoverwatch help parents


Spyware is regarded as a kind of malware that is useful for retrieving the private information from the tablet, cell phone or computer of a person. A wide array of spyware programs have launched in the market which is compatible with the latest operating systems and phones, available in the market. They are used on a wide scale for collecting data about different online activities, ranging from text to social media messages.

Parents use this software on a wide scale for keeping an eye on their children. This spy app can be also be used for recording text messages, phone calls as well as other crucial information.

How does spyware work?

Various spy apps make use of unique terminology. However, they all function in a similar manner. You require installing the application on the phone of your target, enter the license key and allow the application to do its work. After this, you can track the activities of the user from your mobile or computer.

However, you need to have access to the mobile of the target at least once for installing the application. Hoverwatch is worth mentioning spyware which can be installed in any mobile in no time.

It keeps running in the background of your phone without the knowledge of the user. As it is installed on the mobile, it tracks and monitors the activities of your home remotely and you do not need to have physical access to the mobile phone ever again.

Why do parents choose Hoverwatch for their Android phones?

Though the market is filled with a wide array of spyware, Hoverwatch has turned out to be the prime choice of parents, for monitoring the activities of their children. Here is a list of the reasons why parents prefer to opt for Hoverwatch for their Android devices:

Monitoring the activities of your children

This app can be used by parents for looking over the activities of their children. In addition to viewing the text messages, they also play a vital role in finding the location of the mobile with the aid of the monitoring software.

Thus, you will be capable of getting the prerequisite information about your children. If you have a teenager kid, you can use this software to ensure that he/she is not in any wrong company.

Monitoring phone calls

Parents opt for this app to record and track calls. In addition to this, it also provides call history logging. It is useful in retrieving information about the call duration, time, date, type of call and the contact name. As you can monitor the phone calls and recording, you can know if there are any patterns in the times of calls or call duration. This helps you in determining whether you need to block or intercept the contact.

Browser history

By installing this tracker on the mobile of your child, you can get access to the history of the browser. In addition to this, you can gain information about the list of websites that are visited by your kids on a wide scale.


It is another prominent feature why parents prefer Hoverwatch over other spyware, available in the market. It is possible to monitor the devices without the knowledge of your kids. Even if your child is a technology sound person, they will not know that the application is running in the background.

Installing and using Hoverwatch

Here is a list of the steps; you need to follow while installing this application on your Android phone:

  • For tracking any device, you need to sign up first and then log in to the Hoverwatch account.
  • After this, the dashboard page will come up. You require clicking on the “Add a Device” section, present in the left panel.
  • You will see various URLs for various platforms along with How to Install guidelines for every platform.
  • You require downloading the software in the specific device, you are willing to monitor.
  • In this step, you require following the instructions for installing the app.

Paid versions of Hoverwatch

This app offers two unique plans for various objectives. The price for this application depends on the total count of devices, you are planning to monitor as well as the terms of the license. You can opt for the plan, catering to your needs.

Plan Personal Plan Professional/Family Plan Business Plan
Devices 1 Device 5 Devices 25 Devices
1 month $24.95 $49.95 $149.95
3 month $59.95 $99.95 $299.95
1 year $99.95 $199.95 $499.95

For instance, if you want to monitor the devices of multiple children, it is recommended to go for the Family plan. You can save a lot of money as you opt for this package. Here is a look into various prices of the software:

Personal package

This package allows monitoring just one device. You need to pay $19.95 monthly for the license whereas, for three months, it is going to cost you $49.95. You can also buy a 12-month subscription for just $95.

Family package

This package allows tracking up to five devices. As you opt for this plan, you can save up to 60% of your money. You can pay $95 for a monthly license whereas, for three months, you need to pay $99.95. On the other hand, you need to pay $199.95 for an annual subscription.

Using the software is completely legal. However, how you use this app determines whether you are breaking any laws or not. Before you install this software on any phone, it is recommended to conduct a bit of research on the latest local, state and federal laws.

You do not need to worry as using this software for monitoring the activities of your child is legal. You should ensure not to use the information, collected from this spyware in illegal work as it might put you on the other side of the law.

Hoverwatch is regarded as a convenient and trusted application for tracking the activities of children, and employees. Hence, parents are choosing this software on a wide scale for monitoring the activities and whereabouts of their children. They can procure the ultimate peace in mind in their personal lives by installing this app on the phone of their children.

The amazing customer service and attractive pricing offer a great experience to you. To wrap up, it is regarded as the best spy app for tracking the activities of your kids.