How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windows in a Whole House in Brampton?

Installing new windows and doors in your home in Brampton is one of the most expensive parts of the renovation. Especially when it comes to the replacement of all windows and doors at once.

Not surprisingly, many homeowners are trying to figure out whether it will be profitable or if it is better to perform replacement step by step.

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Is It Cheaper to Replace All Windows at Once?

Yes, replacing all windows and doors in Brampton makes perfect sense, and here’s why:

  1. The cost of such products increases every year. Therefore, if you postpone part of the work for the next year, you will pay more for it.
  2. If you change only some of the window and door structures, this will not completely solve the issue of energy saving. The remaining old windows and doors will, as before, let drafts, cold/heat, and moisture inside the dwelling, so you will continue to overpay for heating or air conditioning of the house.
  3. Since this is a large project, replacing all windows at once you will get a certain discount.

Average Cost to Replace Windows in a Whole House in Brampton

The cost of window replacement is affected by the following factors:

  • Their number

The more windows you replace, the more expensive it will cost (but, if you replace not all windows at once, the project can be even more pricey);

  • Quality of the material

We recommend raw unprocessed vinyl: it is a rather budget option. In addition, it is a great choice in terms of energy saving: your home will always be warm and cozy. Vinyl does not deform, does not fade in the sun, and retains its original appearance and functionality for years.

Steel and fiberglass are commonly used for door production.

  • Frame size and glazing features

The bigger your window and door systems, the more you will have to pay for them. Triple glazing costs more than the other options.

We recommend choosing the models with inert gas (krypton or argon) between the glass – to minimize heat loss. The glass should have a special energy-saving coating Low-E.

  • The type of window/door and installation features

The cheapest door costs $650.

Models like picture windows cost from $210. Popular casement windows will cost at least $250. For bay windows you need to pay much more – $2000. By the way, bay windows are quite complicated to install, which can also affect the final cost of the project.

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