How A Custom Virtual Background Can Help Your Remote Outreach Team


A custom virtual background can give a remote outreach team a sense of shared identity. From meetings of team members to calls from team members to external customers or stakeholders, here are several reasons organizers of remote outreach teams should consider creating custom Zoom office backgrounds. The ability to select a background space and add a logo can increase internal camaraderie and generally help teams look professional.

Professional Appearance

An office background can make the members of a remote outreach team look professional on video calls and in virtual meetings. Zoom Virtual Office makes it easy for meeting organizers or participants to choose from a wide variety of virtual backgrounds for Google Meet, including stylish offices that capture the look of trends in global design.

Choose from branded office designs that capture the style of international cities. These and other office backgrounds offer the option to display a custom logo. Remote outreach team members can select their preferred office backgrounds or use a specified background to present a unified front to the clients or customers with whom they communicate.

Unify Your Remote Outreach Team

Using a single specified background can make it look like all of the members of a remote outreach team are in the same space. This can provide customers or clients with a sense of continuity of service on and across calls. It is also possible to customize immersive Zoom backgrounds for use in Immersive View, a feature that is included in Zoom version 5.6.3 and subsequent releases.

Zoom Virtual Office lets meeting organizers choose an Immersive View Scene from options such as Cinema, Classroom, Dining Room, Lounge or Open Space. All of the members of a remote outreach team can join a meeting held within a virtual space selected by the host in positions that can be arranged either automatically or manually.

Stay Focused On Business

Potential distractions can abound when hosting virtual meetings of a remote outreach team and as these professionals do their jobs. Virtual office backgrounds are a great way to reduce distractions that could otherwise distract participants in a video call or conference or interrupt the flow of meetings.

Whether the members of a remote outreach team are meeting with one another, a team leader or external participants such as clients or customers, the right choice of a background can make these representatives look professional. Rather than requesting that team members clean or redecorate spaces in their homes or other work environments, participants can simply point a camera-ready device at a blank wall or solid-color surface and show up in a virtual office background.

A remote outreach team coordinator can design a custom virtual background for use by all team members. Scenes for Zoom Immersive View enable organizers to gather up to 25 team members or other participants in a shared virtual space with an option to display a custom logo. Virtual backgrounds are the best way to make individual team members look professional, while Immersive View scenes can unify distributed teams.