Happy Birthday To Facebook For Completion Of 10 Successful Years

Official Facebook are about 4 February 2004, the creation of Mark Zuckerberg helped a few friends. Before Facebook was Facemash in October 2003. There Zuckerberg has combined pictures students with a qualifying system. It was a website designed on the idea of “hot or not”. To get the information and pictures, he broke Harvard servers that were kept these “Facebooks” – online catalogs with pictures and a brief description of the student.10 years of Facebook

The site was an immediate success, attracted 450 unique visitors and 22 thousand views in just four hours. On February 4, 2004 students have to start what was to become the largest social network in the world. In 2005, The Facebook and became the third largest United State company after Google and Amazon and eBay before. Rivals classics are Twitter and Google+. The adage “if you’re not on Facebook, you do not exist” is taken into account.