Great Web Application To Remember And Find Your Face Online

I have just found facesaerch website by search, first I entered, own name by experiment. And surprised to see my picture appear on web page. I have impressed and share to you for your knowledge. This amazing free available tools and search results website powered by Google and all provided images, hosted and managed by Google. This search engine which pulls only pictures with people’s faces. You can search for all the faces of all the people online with a slick interface.facesaerch_01-2

The results designed and are displayed amazing (iTunes cover flow style). facesaerch was realized via JS and open APIs by founder Franz Enzenhofer. If you want to find photo of someone via the Internet then you can try your luck at this site because it is not sure you success all the time. Facesaerch is a very simple interface and it is only finding photos for you and it might not be the most accurate.facesaerch

More detail and find your own , friends or relative photos Via