Google Chrome’s New Tool to Help Protect Online Accounts

Chrome extension to Protect Online Accounts

Google has introduced a new Chrome extension that will help protect your online accounts from hackers. It warns the user when its username and password have been stolen in any type of hacking. At the same time this tool also reminds people to change the password of online accounts every few months later. At present, 62% of internet browsing users use Google Chrome browsers.Chrome extension to Protect Online Accounts

Passwords do not change for a long time, may also be the risk of your online accounts, as recently, details of two billion twenty million accounts were leaked, some of which were 2008. According to Google, the data for this tool has also been received from four billion users half-past and passwords.

This database is being used by the Company to protect Google users for the last 5 years and more than 11 million accounts have been saved in this way. Without Google’s security measures, the danger of accounts hacking increases ten times.[adsense]

Google is not a single company that is taking such measures, the Facebook Security Team monitors public hacking leaks. Well users keep the password of all their accounts differently to protect their accounts, it is difficult for hackers to capture them.

This tool called Password Checkup and introduced on Tuesday 5th Feb 2019 by Google. It says that its new tool does not save your password, so users can use it without fear.