Gold Bangles Are Never Out Of Fashion

gold bangles

They are classy, royal, and comfortable – gold bangles have always been a part of the Indian jewellery collection for many reasons. These traditional accessories are not just stylish but symbolic too.

In many Indian cultures, bangles are associated with married life and prosperity. This is the reason many women wear it on a daily basis. So, if you thought that gold bangles were the talk of the past, be ready for a surprise.

Gold bangles never lose their charm, literally. In fact, many jewellery brands are coming up with modern designs that cater to the changing style and trends of the current times. Below, we have jotted down some reasons why gold bangles are never out of fashion. There are also some styling tips at the end too. Let’s get started!

3 Reasons Why Gold Bangles Are The Best

  1. Graceful Look

Hands filled with beautiful gold bangles are always way more graceful. These bangles help a woman embrace her feminine side and be rooted to the culture as well. And with so many types of gold bangles pattern available in the market, the fun of wearing them in becoming better every day.

From sleep designs to heavy kadas, gold bangles come in different sizes and styles. This is why even young girls and unmarried women are loving the new-age designs of bangles. You too can look for some stylish designs and impress everyone with your elegance.

  1. A Sign of Prosperity and Success

Gold is a sign of prosperity and gold bangles are no different. They have been a part of Indian women’s solah shringar for centuries. Bangles are also symbolic of a woman’s happy married life.

You would have seen newly-wedded brides wearing bangles – either gold ones or glass ones – as a sign of her marriage. The tradition has not changed in modern times too. Gold bangles are often one of the first jewellery pieces a girl gets for her wedding jewellery too. All these are clear signs that gold bangles hold huge significance.

  1. Good Investment

If not for style and significance, gold bangles are still in vogue due to their high value. Many people buy gold bangles (the heavy ones too) to invest their money in the precious metals. If you research a bit, you would understand that gold investment is one of the best options for increasing your money’s worth in future.

No matter what happens to the economy, gold prices always stay high unlike stocks and funds. This is why people also invest in gold coins. But since gold bangles are more beautiful and can be worn on special occasions, people love investing money in them.

Tips For Styling Gold Bangles

Now that we know why gold bangles won’t go out of fashion, it’s time to learn how to style them. Here are some go-to tips that can help you slay every look with gold bangles:

  • If you want to wear gold bangles on everyday basis, make sure you buy ones with simple designs. Intricate designs with multiple cuts can get dirty easily and it is difficult to clean them. Moreover, they can also harm your skin or get tangled in clothes.
  • To style gold bangles with western wear, make sure you wear them only in one hand. Go for a classic watch in the other hand.
  • If you love layering, you can also look for latest ring designs for women and pair them with sleek gold bangles.
  • For party wear, go for gold bangles that are studded with diamonds or gemstones. This will give a unique and glamourous touch to your whole attire.

Done reading? Now, get ready to shop. Just make sure you buy them from a trusted jeweller to get authentic and pure gold bangles.