Globally Selected Most Favorite Personalities In the world 2014

Globally Selected favorite personalities of the world’s leaders, computer company founder and chairman of Microsoft Bill Gates has won. PTI Chairman “Imran Khan” got twelfth position and the great Pakistani social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi is ranked 29th in the list. On January 11 .2014 the British newspaper “YOU.GOV” at the international level, the world’s most favorite living person was voting for survey of 13 countries around the world 14,000 people participated. A poll released after the list with 10.10 percent, according to Bill Gates was ranked first. Bill Gates in China to get the most votes.
Most Favorite Living Person In 2014 (2)

[adsense]U.S President “Barack Obama” came second with 9.27 percent of the vote and the president of Russia ” Vladimir Putin” third with 3.84 percent. Christians new Pope Francis of the 3.43 % got fourth position. India’s leading batsman Sachin Tendulkar fifth release of 3.28 percent of votes. According to list Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping finished sixth with 2.86 percent of the vote also Indian politician Narendra Modi 2.55 % of the vote got rank seventh. The Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan who ranked ninth with 2.01 percent of the vote. Great cricketer and Tehreek-e PTI Chairman Imran Khan on the list 0.95 percent of the vote got the twelfth position. Great Pakistani social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi with 0.38 % vote was ranked 29th in the list.