Giving Astonishing Performances Of Microsoft Windows 10 Professional With Office 2016

Today Microsoft Windows 10 Free Upgrade Available in 190 Countries, with Universal Windows Apps, blazing fast Microsoft Edge, Today I installed Microsoft Windows 10 Professional on my PC, and now I am enjoying its amazing features. The new internet browser “Edge” nice looking start button, multiple desktops, more convenient tabs, Nice graphics effects, new icons, and a windows apps. Stay tuned for more news about Microsoft windows 10 and share your feedback with us.Windows 10 available

Microsoft Edge is even better and is beating Chrome and Safari on their own JavaScript benchmarks. According to WebKit Sunspider Edge is 112% faster than Chrome, Google Octane point of view the Edge is 11% faster than Chrome and Apple Jet Stream says Edge is 37% faster than Chrome.Windows 10 available 01

[adsense]Windows 10 available 04Also, I am using Microsoft Office 2016 and it has lots of new features and found the very light interface. Microsoft Office 2016 is designed to deliver touch-first experiences on a tablet, but full compatible for Desktop PC and makes it easy to access features with your finger. The New Office, 2016’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications will be included on ARM-based Windows 10 devices including Microsoft Surface. But not included in professional and enterprise editions. I installed Microsoft Office 2016 and activate separately.Office 2016 01

Office 2016 02I recommend you if your PC supported windows 10 then upgrade or installed this OS, and use its new features like a new start button with its hybrid approach, adds a search button to the task-bar multiple desktops, Microsoft Edge, windows applications store button to the task bar, fast boot time, better security, new windows explorer button icon, Microsoft accounts and many more.