Get Creative with Your Brand – Try Out a Customized Access Portal

Do you want to draw more customers to your website? What are your goals with respect to brand awareness? You can get a lot of mileage out of branding by customizing your website’s access portal. By taking this step, you can stand out among your competitors and gain your customers’ respect.

Staying Steps Ahead of Your Competitors: Why Personalization is Important

Personalizing your client access portal fully engages a customer. When this happens, he or she eventually ends up being a loyal and satisfied client and business associate. Integrating a client portal then will help you connect with users so you can stay steps ahead of your competitors.

Branding fires up competitiveness so you need to know what to do to improve the user experience (UX) for your customers and peers. By adding a client access portal that identifies with your brand, you can capture your customer’s notice and their ongoing support.

That is because a customized portal represents the login for your platform – a feature that leads to a file-sharing work area and a cloud storage space.

After a customer accesses your website via the portal, they can retrieve information using a do-it-yourself approach. This type of autonomy makes it easier and more convenient to get the data they need and collaborate or share documents.

In addition, when a client portal is personalized with your brand, you reduce the time that your staff works on tasks. These duties might include answering inquiries or checking invoices or bills. The addition of the portal ensures that file sharing stays safe and secure as well.

So, how can your business expand on using a client portal? The following examples will give you an idea about how technology can benefit you.

How a Customized Portal Supports Business Activities

You can customize a portal, so it provides the following:

  • The portal can offer customer assistance in the form of a help ticket. This ticket can be used to answer a technical question or address a technical issue.
  • The login can lead to a knowledge base for customers to review as well. This information may cover your business policies or FAQs. You might also add customer support content so your customers can stay apprised of your company’s offerings.
  • The use of a personalized portal can increase collaboration through direct messaging, file sharing, or the performance of specific tasks
  • A portal allows your clients to check on invoices or orders anytime, day or night.

A Reflection of Your Company’s Brand

Regardless of how you use your business portal, you need to personalize it so it mirrors your company’s brand.

Why You Should Add a Customized Portal

Customers are creatures of habit. Therefore, the brands they regularly see influence their behaviors. By adding a business-branded portal, you will trigger a positive effect psychologically – one that builds customer confidence and a feeling of goodwill and trust.

When a portal is personalized to represent your brand, it automatically produces a friendly and pleasant user experience – one that will support positive customer activities. Therefore, make sure your brand is featured across your website so your customers do not get confused or become distracted. You want to make your website easy to navigate and present your brand both seamlessly and professionally.

Add Your Company’s Logo and Colors

To create a portal or log-in that is unique to your brand, you need to add your brand’s colors and logo. These features will be prominently displayed when your customers sign in on your company’s platform.

Include a Customized Domain

Take your branding one step further by adding a customized domain for your website portal. This allows your client to log in by clicking on a button on your platform. After they add their credentials, they can move directly to the work area. The address bar will feature your business’s customized domain, thereby further highlighting your branding.

White Labeling your Portal

When you customize your access portal, you are also white labeling the log-in. Doing so will ensure that your business and brand will take center stage on your website. This makes it clear to the user that your company is legitimate and backs its products and services.

How About a Custom Email?

You can also integrate a custom portal with an email that supports your brand image. Any emails that come from the portal will reveal your custom-branded image. Again, this added amenity makes branding and engagement more personalized and professional.

Personalizing the Work Area

You can expand on the theme for your access portal by personalizing your website’s work area as well. Whether you showcase your brand or underscore your customer’s brand image, you will create a memorable impression.