Gardening Equipment Your Wholesale Business Can Sell

When launching a wholesale gardening tools business for the first time, having the right tools to sell will make a significant difference. In the same way that a sharp tool, such as green thorn knives, will make gardening easier and save you time, having the right products and strategy will allow your business to flourish quickly.

Do not become distracted by all the innovative gardening tools you will see. Instead, you should invest in fundamental, high-quality, long-lasting tools.

Indispensable Garden Tools

Here are our top garden tools that you can include in your wholesale business. In addition, we have included some “extras” for those who are interested.

1. Wheelbarrow

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There is no substitute for a reliable wheelbarrow! It is ideal for weeding, transporting soil or leaves, and collecting debris, among countless other applications. The sturdiest wheelbarrows are made from a single piece of heavy steel for carrying heavy loads, but for home gardeners, heavy-duty plastic wheelbarrows are a better option. A wheelbarrow is more maneuverable than a yard cart with two wheels but less stable. Using a wheelbarrow or garden cart can also help to protect your back, which is constantly at risk of strain while planting and weeding a garden.

2. Hand Trowel

A trowel is a small hand tool used for digging at ground level, planting seeds in small holes, measuring the depth of the soil, and removing tenacious weeds. Look for a trowel with a narrow, sturdy blade (stainless steel is a good option) and a comfortable grip that can easily penetrate the soil. It is a gardener’s closest companion.

3. Garden Rake

A garden rake or ground rake with metal tines is used to smooth out the compost or to create a beautifully crumbly seedbed by leveling the soil.

4. Garden Fork

Another digging implement. A garden fork, which resembles a pitchfork, is useful for aerating soil and compost, unearthing root crops, and dividing perennials. Its long metal tines enable it to easily penetrate the soil and avoid smaller rocks that would impede a shovel.

5. Hori-Hori Gardening Knife

The hori-hori gardening knife is relatively new to Western gardens. Hori-hori knives (hori means “to dig” in Japanese) are a combination of a trowel and a knife, making them ideal for digging small planting holes, harvesting, and cutting down weeds. Some types have a serrated edge to make cutting even easier, while others have a ruler imprinted on the blade to assist with planting depth measurement.

6. Long-Handled Spades and Shovels

A spade with a long handle and a straight-edged, flat blade is useful for removing plants and weeds, digging holes with straight sides, cutting roots, and creating edges. Long-handled Garden shovels with pointed, rounded blades must also be available; they are useful for digging holes and shifting soil.

7. Hand Pruners or Shears for Pruning

If we had to choose one tool as the most important, it would be the garden pruner. Small branches on perennial plants, trees, and shrubs can be cut or trimmed with a hand pruner. Choose a bypass-style pruner, in which the upper blade slices past the lower blade, resulting in very quick, non-tearful cuts so that plants can recover rapidly. (With anvil pruners, the top blade bites down onto the bottom blade, which can cause damage to the stem or branch you’re cutting.) Hand pruners are also useful for harvesting ripe vegetables without harming the plant. Look for razor-sharp blades and an ergonomic handle.


With plenty of gardening tools you can sell, surely your wholesale business will not have a hard time thriving. See to it that you stock as many gardening tools as you can so that your customers will have plenty of options.