Game Apps Against Boredom in Corona Times

Game apps

Throughout 2020 a lot of our daily lives have changed as a result of restrictions and guidelines aimed at reducing the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, many countries around the globe have enforced some form of lockdown or quarantine measures. This has meant many of our regular social activities have been unavailable. Social distancing rules have also made it impossible to take part in some of our favorite activities or even unable to go to work.Game appsAll in all, these measures leave many of us with much more time on our hands but very little to do with it. Fortunately, most people now carry a little device that is packed with entertainment features.

Smartphones are perfect for killing time in such situations. Playing in online casinos like the ones found at and downloading some of the many great game apps are the ideal weapon in the fight against boredom.

5 Exciting Game Apps to Keep you Entertained

Baseball Boy

Baseball boy is one of the simplest but also most popular games available on mobile devices. The game’s simple “pick up and play” nature makes it perfect for killing just a few minutes here and there. However, it is so addictive that you’ll also find yourself playing it much longer.

The premise is very basic: tap the screen to hit the ball with a baseball bat. You earn points when you achieve a perfect swing, which can be spent on player upgrades that allow you to hit the ball even further.

The aim is to max out your attributes, practice your timing, and smash the ball as far as humanly possible. This constant goal of upgrading for progressing does indeed get very addictive and you’ll find yourself picking up this game at every opportunity.

Words with Friends 2

The original Words with Friends game was released way back in 2009 and became a viral gaming sensation alongside the likes of Angry Birds.

Essentially, the game is a copy of Scrabble and allows you to play against other players with a mobile internet connection. The game is designed for interacting with others as you play, which makes it perfect for the current situation where social distancing, national lockdowns, and quarantines prevent regular social gatherings.

Despite the name, you can also play the game with strangers by joining random game rooms so there’s no need to worry if you fancy honing your word skills when your friends aren’t online.

As the original began to show its age, a sequel was released in 2017 with an updated user interface and added game modes to keep things fresh for existing players and a new generation of mobile gamers.[adsense]


It would be wrong to include a list of mobile games in 2020 without mentioning the biggest of them all: Fornite.

The action-packed battle-royale style shooting game has a mix of wacky, cartoon graphics, shooter gameplay, and a unique building mechanic, which has made it one of the most popular games of all time.

The idea of the game is very straightforward: be the last person standing out 100. The real fun of this game comes from the fact that all 100 players are dropped on a huge map with no weapons. It all begins as a level playing field and players need to loot the buildings to find their weapons and armor.

Currently, over 350 million players are registered to Fornite across mobile, PC, Playstation, Nintendo, and Xbox. The good news is that you can join them all since the game is “cross-platform”, which means players from different platforms can play against each other in the same game.

The even better news is the game is free to play. The only thing you’ll pay for are some in-game items but these are all aesthetic and don’t affect your gameplay so they’re completely optional.

Mario Kart Tour

Although the initial buzz for this game may have now died down slightly, it is still an amazingly fun racing game to play. The game has done an excellent job of bringing the thrills and spills of classic Mario Kart to mobile devices.

The game has received some negative feedback for microtransactions inside the game. While you will unlock better characters and karts through the transactions, playing the game naturally still gives you a good chance to acquire the most of the same items. The game is by no means pay to win as many other free games become.

To add to the fun, the game now features a multiplayer mode so you can race against your friends online. If you’re a fan of Mario Kart or multiplayer racers, Mario Kart Tour is a must-play.

Alto’s Odyssey

This game is ideal for letting the hours drift by. There is no story to the game or levels as such, you can simply pick up and play whenever you like.

Alto’s Odyssey is an endless runner game where you play the part of a snowboarder. The object is to tap the screen at just the right time to perform jumps and tricks to keep your game progressing.

What sets this game apart from similar titles is the gorgeous art style and visuals that help to create one of the most atmospheric experiences that can be had on a mobile game.