Frequently Asked Questions Businesses in Brisbane Need to Know About SEO


You should know that Brisbane has some of the most amazing start-up businesses paving the way in Australia. One notable company that has started back in 2018 is Travelshoot, which helps connect travellers with local and professional photographers and provide them with amazing photoshoots. Another is Tappr, a FinTech company that focuses on next-gen payment system technology for SMEs. 

But what you should know about all of them is that they always use SEO. They find brisbane seo services and assist them in optimising their website to attract users, potentially leading to a sale. If you are still new to learning or using SEO, you need to learn about the several FAQs to get a more complete and deeper understanding of it. 

FAQ #1: How fast will the business see positive SEO results?

One thing about SEO is that you cannot gain success right away. Even if you have years of SEO knowledge and know what Brisbane residents need, you will never see the results in an instant. Your SEO experts in Brisbane would usually dedicate the first several months to updating your website and waiting for search engine spiders to index the alterations. 

The amount of time you will need to attain positive SEO results will also depend on how many changes and improvements needs to be handled on your website. If it has many problems, you will need to spend more time making the necessary improvements. It will also depend on the search engine spiders’ crawl frequency to see the results that will usually show up within three to nine months. 

FAQ #2: Is it okay to continue SEO even with a good search engine ranking?

When you have reached top search engine results, you should not be satisfied with it because you can still find more things to improve within your website. Keep in mind that search engines keep altering or updating their algorithms all the time, so you also need to be updated with the changes to retain the top rankings. 

At one point, you might suddenly rank down because of the algorithm changes that you had no idea about. It is the main reason most businesses in Brisbane would hire SEO agencies to assist them because only they can achieve the best SEO results. They always do constant research, testing, and updates to ensure your URL ranking stays in the top spot. 

And if you discontinue SEO after getting the top ranks, you should expect your website to fall down the rankings and lose potential conversions and leads. 

FAQ #3: Is it okay to buy links?

Link building is another effective method of increasing your search engine rankings to help Brisbane users find you. Many SEO experts try to look for high-quality links and then include them in their website content. However, the only time that link building will not be effective is when you get them from spammy websites. 

If you plan on getting links, you need to make sure that you get them from credible websites with high-quality content. Many businesses in Brisbane have experienced getting pulled down in the search engine rankings because of the iffy links on their website. Google has an algorithm that detects and penalises websites that acquire links unnaturally through link purchasing, link exchange schemes, or spam links. 

And if Google finds those links on your website, the penalties are so severe that they can result in outstanding traffic losses. 

FAQ #4: Can SEO experts 100% guarantee top website rankings?

Professional SEO agencies cannot guarantee positive SEO results because no SEO agency in Brisbane or the entire world can do that. If the SEO agency that you are hiring promises they can get you to the top of the search engine rankings, it would be best to avoid them at all cost. 

There is no 100% guarantee with SEO because it constantly shifts and changes, and guaranteeing something like that would be misleading and unethical. And if the SEO agency in Brisbane claims that they have a close relationship with Google, you should also avoid them because those claims are always false.

However, professional and reliable SEO agencies will always keep you in the loop about the changes in the algorithms. They will look for ways on how they can maintain your rankings in the search results.

FAQ #5: Can you do SEO on your own?

Some businesses in Brisbane would train some of their employees internally on how to do SEO. While it may not cost them money, it will cost them valuable time that a professional could have done to get them more leads and conversions. Some of them think that hiring brisbane seo services is a waste of money, but what they do not know is that it is the best investment they will ever get. 

If your business is having a hard time with SEO, do not think twice about hiring an SEO agency in Brisbane to assist you. They already have extensive SEO knowledge, so you should get positive results within a few months. 

FAQ #6: Is it okay to place tons of keywords?

One mistake that some businesses in Brisbane would make is to stuff many keywords on a single content because they think users get to search their content better. That is completely untrue because that would make the entire content sound unnatural, and Google can detect if the content is in bad shape or not. [adsense]

The most common method of properly placing the keywords is to fit them in the title, the first paragraph, subheading, and even outro. It is the reason businesses in Brisbane would hire writers to write the content for them because they are trained to write high-quality content and stuff the right number of keywords within the content. 

The frequently asked questions mentioned above are only some of the many that you will encounter. It would be ideal to ask an SEO expert in Brisbane about anything SEO-related to gain more knowledge about it. Note that having some idea about SEO can help you run your business effectively.