Free Forever Print Tool Saves Your Precious Time and Money By Half

Print is a tool that will give your printing expenses by half. Throw it on a sheet you can print more than one page. A document of 10 pages, 5 or even less can print on. It is also very easy to use and it’s free too. Print is a great tool for you to help eliminate waste incurred through printing. It’s saved your pocket money to decrease your printing expenses by up to 60%. Works fine with Microsoft windows Windows XP, Vista, Window 7 and Windows 8.iPrint

iPrint’s Main Features:

1- Automatically delete un-wanted pages.
2- Print multiple pages on each sheet of paper.
3- Eco-friendly and helps to promote a healthier planet.
4- You can remove unwanted pages automatically.
4- Measure your pages and report you about your savings.
5- Simply click and convert to create PDF and HTML from any documents.[adsense]iPrint_1

iPrint Version 6 is free and you can download from its official website: