Four Top Reasons NAD+ is Important for Your Quality of Life

NAD+ is found in every cell of your body. As a coenzyme, it’s one of the most important builder tools you have in your arsenal. It works to repair DNA, helps distribute energy through each cell, and can even help with additional health complications. In a perfect world, our bodies would maintain the same level of NAD+ throughout our lives. The world, of course, isn’t perfect. NAD+ levels drop the older we get, which is why NAD+ plays a role in not just aging by appearance, but physically aging in ways you feel as well.

How Can You Increase Your NAD+ Levels?

While research is still being conducted, so far, one of the best ways to boost your NAD+ levels is with a compound known as nicotinamide mononucleotide or NMN. NMN itself acts like an NAD+ activator, which in turn can help you boost your NAD+ levels and see benefits from a cellular level onwards.

While NMN can technically be found in some foods, you’ll always be better off with a supplement due to the low amounts found naturally in our diet. There are new and more innovative ways to use NMN all the time, which is why it’s so important to stay up-to-date with Nicotinamide Mononucleotide News.

What are the Top Benefits of NAD+

The fact that NAD+ plays a big part in DNA repair can already tell you how important this enzyme is for your quality of life. Though more research is still being done into NAD+ and the ways in which we can successfully boost our levels of this enzyme, what’s currently known is clear: high levels of NAD+ give us these top benefits:


NAD+ levels drop as we age, and once they start dropping, the signs of aging just get more prominent as we go. It isn’t just looks that are impacted, either, but every system in your body. You get slower, and you’re more prone to injury. You may feel more tired – the list goes on and on. When DNA cannot repair itself as effectively as it used to, you take the fall. By boosting NAD+ scientists are hoping to minimize many of those aging symptoms.


Inflammation can set your entire system out of whack. If your body is on fire, your internal systems cannot work effectively and may even start to rebel. That’s why getting inflammation down as quickly as possible is so important. While eating a diet full of natural anti-oxidants is essential to bringing down inflammation, there is a link between NAD+ and inflammation, so working to boost your NAD+ levels can help minimize inflammation at the source.

Energy Booster

NAD+ is also a key player in energy management. That’s why when you work on increasing NAD+ levels, there’s a good chance that you’ll notice yourself naturally more energetic and ready to get up and get moving.

Think Faster and Better

More energy can then translate into higher brain power. For the best results, of course, you’ll need to work on staying hydrated, sleeping well, and eating a balanced diet. With the help of NAD+, from there, you can think more clearly, memorize information easily, and even regulate your emotions more effectively.