Five Main Reasons That Your Phone Do Not Charge Properly

We are in a period where everyone loves their phone and try to keep them on at all times. If someone’s phone charging is low, he suddenly starts searching for some means immediately after charging it. Now if the phone charging is extremely slow, then there is a lot of flaws, but why is the phone charging endless sometimes slow and sometimes extremely fast? For this you should have the addresses of reasons that slow down phone charging.Your Phone do Not Charge Properly

1- Charging cable issue:Charging cable issue

One of the main reasons for low-speed charging of the phone may be inappropriate cable. Often we keep the cables curved, which cause their performance to be different, especially the cable begins to be broken down at the end of the two sides. Good and accurate cable increases speed of charging, while accelerating charging of bad and broken belt cable is not possible.

2- Charging problem:Charging problem

If you add a laptop to charge the phone, you are really entitled to slow-up charging. If the electric charge is charged, charge the phone not directly from the laptop, but also via the socket cable so that they can get the actual speed of their charging.

3 Charger issue:Charger issue

Phone-making companies provide charger with battery-based battery. So use the phone’s battery always at the right speed and to charge properly, charging, the charger if you do not care about it, charging will slow down and also the health of the battery will be different.[adsense]

4- Phone Issue:Phone Issue

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S2 or such an old or unsupported phone in this modern era, it is also a waste to expect faster acceleration. Because the phones that do not have high-speed charging, turbo charging support, they always drive on charging. Samsung Galaxy S2 charged in four hours, so Samsung Galaxy S6 charges in ten minutes. Therefore, while buying a phone, be sure to keep this.

5- The problem of your illness:The problem of your illness

If you are engaged in some work and someone starts teasing you, what will be your reaction? Of course you will not be able to perform your work correctly. This is something similar to the phone. If the charging periods you start using the phone again and again, this process also loses charging. If you have to charge the phone fast then put it on charge and leave it for a while, but if you can, turn it off. In this way the phone will be charged more in less time.