Five Best Ways to Unlock the Broken or Bad Screen Android Mobile

If your Android device is accidentally damaged or broken, it is very difficult to get data from the phone or use it immediately. Especially if you have a screen lock, then it is impossible to use your phone. But nothing is impossible in the world of technology. There is a proper solution of every problem. We will tell you many solutions in this article, which you can use your Android device, despite broken or damaged screens. You can get back to the valuable data contained in it. Even though the screen lock is also installed and you do not get it open.1- Unlock the Broken Screen Android Mobile Most android-friendly companies make their phones’ hardware stronger and durable. So that the phone could be saved if there was any problem or accident. And the value of the user is not worth the loss. However, in case of falling down or hurting, the delicate parts of the phone, especially the display screen, are likely to be inaccessible to harm. But in such a situation most of the screen of the phone is affected. Anyone who re-fixes or new cell phone is especially heavy on your pocket. Some users prefer to get a new phone instead. But if your phone contains valuable data. If you need to use it in the same situation than using a phone with a broken and damaged screen is like to accomplish the impossible.
Below are all the ways you can use mobile with a scrolling screen. Keeping your mobile status or your choice keeping the relevant method tested and getting rid of a big problem. Note that these methods are equally useful for both types of liquid penis and two-dimensional (LCD and LED) screens.

Method 1: Use OTG Wire and Mouse Directly

This method can only be used if you have a “swipe lock” on your mobile phone. For this connect the mouse with your smartphone via the OTG wire, then click the mouse button. Press the button to move it from left-to-right as you open Swipe Lock. This will open your smartphone lock and you can use it for free calls etc.3- Use OTG wire

Method 2: Use the Android Control Panel Software

Step 1: Download the software called Android Control Panel from the Internet. This is a great software to connect to your device with a computer.
Step 2: Now install this software on your computer. Run the program after completing the installation and attach your mobile to a USB cable computer.2- Android control panel Step 3: This program will facilitate your mobile access to the mouse and keyboard after running. With the help of both of these input devices, open the mobile screen lock. And download the valuable data available on your computer to it.

Method 3: Use Google’s “Remote Unlock”

Mobile users will definitely know that Google’s Android Device Manager is a great online tool. It is necessary to use it first to use it.
Step 1: Visit through your Android or laptop on the Android device manager website.[adsense]
Step 2: Now scan your device to it. If your Mobile GPS is fortunately open, your device will link and appear on the site.5- Google android device manager Step 3: Now you click on the lock button on the site. Although its goal is the ultimate, that is, it is designed to lock the phone screen online. But with this you can lock your mobile screen too. So that the data on it can be moved.4- Google Remote Unlock (2)

Method 4:- Use the Vysor App

Vysor is a Chrome web browser app, which helps users control their Android device through computers. The phone must be connected to a computer via the USB to use this app. This method is apparently complicated, but it is not so difficult. You can use it by following the steps below.
Step 1: By using this link, download the Vysor app in your Chrome browser.6- Vysor app Step 2: Now install the Vysor App’s on your mobile phone. For this you can download Android version this app by visiting the Google Play Store.
Step 3: Now comes on the main stage of this procedure namely USB Debugging. For this, go to the Developers Option of phone and enable the USB debugging as per the bottom screenshot.7- Vysor Developer options Step 4: Now connect your mobile with a USB wire with a computer. Then go to the Chrome browser and run the Vysor app, and click Find Device. This will automatically find your smartphone.8- Vysor  Find device Step 5: Select your device. As a result, a message of allowing USB Debugging will appear on your phone. Click OK with it.9- vysor allow debugging Step 6: Once connected, the screen on your phone will appear as a picture displayed. Which will be written that your phone is connected to Vysor.10- vysor is connected Now you can use this feature to easily access all features of your broken or bad screen smartphone.

Method 5:- Use the AirMirror

Android’s latest updates has introduced a new feature called AirMirror. Which you can use on non routed phones. This feature will completely mirror your phone from the computer. That is, you can see all the factors on your phone on the computer in the way the mirror is used.
To follow this procedure, follow the steps below.
Step 1: First go to the website on your computer. Now attach it to your phone’s via Android app.11- airdroid desktop Step 2: After connected, click Air Mirror on the website. In the window that appears, you will be asked to install the AirMirror plugin. Press OK to install it on the Chrome browser.12- airdroid browser Step 3: AirMirror plugin will open after installation. As mentioned in the picture below.13- airmirror plugin Step 4: After turning on your mobile USB debugging mode, connect it with a USB wire with a computer.14- airmirror developer option Step 5: In the last you will have to hand over the Mobile Options app. For this, select your mobile model in Device Authorization. And ask me Use your broken-screen mobile to the way you used to do it first.
Note: You can use this application with your WiFi connection, so then no need to USB wire with a computer.