eXtreme Power Tools For Calculating How Much Power Using Your Computer Components


The eXtreme Power Supply Calculator contains 1300+ CPUs including latest processors from Intel and AMD, latest graphics cards from NVIDIA, AMD. Its Lite version is free but when you buy eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Pro version its contains Amperage per +12V, +5V and +3.3V power supply rails, recommended UPS rating, multiple video cards etc.eXtreme-Power-Supply-Calculator-

eXtreme Power Tools:

1- eXtreme Flow Designer
2- CPU Overclock Calculator
3- CPU Temperature Calculator
4- °C/W Calculator
5- Temperature Conversion
6- eXtreme Power Supply Calculator (Pro version)[adsense]

eXtreme tool

Check eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Lite and if you like then buy lifetime pro version in just 10$ extreme.outervision.com